News Kenya Magoha Releases New Health Protocols For School Reopening

Magoha Releases New Health Protocols For School Reopening


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  • Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha on Wednesday, September 16 released health protocols for the reopening of primary and secondary schools.

    The guidelines outline measures basic educational institutions should enforce before they are allowed to open that will also ensure learning continues despite the Covid-19 break.

    Education institutions will be required to develop policies and procedures suitable in their own environment to enable smooth reopening.

    Education CS George Magoha visiting a school in 2019.
    Education CS George Magoha visiting a school in 2019.
    The Standard

    Schools will also be required to adopt a timetable and ensure the syllabus is covered without straining learners following a six-month break. 

    “All learning institutions should have adequate, clean and well-maintained toilets at a ratio of 1 door to 25 girls and 1 door to 30 boys with a urinal. Toilets should be disinfected three times a day.

    “All food handlers shall undergo asymptomatic screening for Covid-19 on a daily basis; those with symptoms of Covid-19 should be allowed to seek medical attention,” read part of the document.

    Schools should provide a budget to institute a safe and protective learning environment and build the capacity of institutional staff, learners and parents on the management of Covid-19.

    They are also required to develop awareness messages and enlighten learners and build the capacity of learners, teachers on Covid-19 prevention.

    Ensure revision of institution’s rules, regulations and daily routine and observe a social distance of at least 1.5 meters.

    Schools will also be required to maintain updated biodata of all learners and contact numbers and home addresses of the parents for management of possible emergencies.

    Assemblies, inter institution competitions including games, drama, music, sports and other events that create crowded conditions shall be suspended for the time being.

    Learners, trainees and non- teaching staff temperatures shall be taken every day and records maintained while all authorized visitors to the institution will have their temperatures taken and recorded.

    For boarding schools, social distancing must be observed with double-decker beds having a one-metre distance between occupants.

    Students during a lesson at Kibra Primary School.
    Students during a lesson at Kibra Primary School. Dr Stella Bosire studied at the school before she was expelled in Class Five.
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