News Iran SOHR: 10 Iran-backed militias killed in Israel raids on...

SOHR: 10 Iran-backed militias killed in Israel raids on Syria


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Ten pro-Iran militants, most of them Iraqi, were killed in Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported.

The rights group said the strikes had taken place south of the the town of Boukamal near the Iraqi border, adding that the raids were the “third in a month in eastern Syria’s Deir El-Zour city.”

SOHR’s chief, Rami Abdel Rahman, pointed out that the strikes had destroyed “munition depots and vehicles”, adding that they were “likely to be carried out by Israel”.

“The raids have taken the lives of eight Iraqi and two Syrian combatants,” Abdel Rahman pointed out.

SOHR: 16 pro-Iran fighters killed in ‘Israel strikes on Syria’

Israel has stepped up strikes on Syria in recent months in what Western intelligence sources described as a “US-approved shadow war that has undermined Iran’s military power in the region.”

Earlier this month, Israeli air strikes on eastern Syria killed 16 Iran-backed fighters, hours after Damascus said it had intercepted Israeli missiles fired at a central air base.

Israeli officials recently said that the Iran-backed Hezbollah in Syria was trying to establish facilities to produce precision-guided missiles.

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