11+ Secret iPhone Codes You Need to Try

The dialer on your iPhone is much more than just a place to enter phone numbers and place a call. You can use it to enter secret codes to learn more about your iPhone, assist in troubleshooting, and even hide your caller ID during outgoing calls.

Secret codes are Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), strings of characters that developers and technicians primarily use to fix smartphones. In some cases, entering the code initiates an action immediately. But sometimes, you need to tap the Call button to activate it.


Here are some secret codes you can try on your iPhone.

1. Check Cellular Data Usage (*3282# AT&T, #3282 Verizon, #932# T-Mobile)

Many service providers offer an app to check how much data you have left on your cellular plan. However, there is a way to easily get an accurate reading without installing any app on your iPhone.

If you have a prepaid cellular subscription and rely on cellular data, you can check your cellular data usage using a secret USSD code associated with your carrier.

  • AT&T: *3282#
  • Verizon: #3282
  • T-mobile: #932#

When you use any of these codes, you’ll either get an audio readout or a text message informing you about your total data usage for the month.

If you have a postpaid plan, you can check the available calling minutes by dialing *646#.

If your iPhone cellular data is not working, it’s highly likely you’ve used all your data. You can use this code to check how much data you have.

2. Hide Caller ID (*67)

If you want to hide your name or phone number and make anonymous calls, use the *67 secret code before the phone number you want to call. This code will hide your caller ID on the recipient’s screen. When you call someone, they’ll see Unknown, Private, or No Caller ID on their screen. It’s one of the best ways to block your caller ID on your iPhone.

If you want to show your Caller ID, add *82 before the phone number you want to call. This code will display your name and number on the recipient’s screen.

3. Check Cellular Balance (*225# Postpaid, *777# Prepaid)

If you want to check your cellular balance quickly, you can use a secret code to do that instantly instead of going into the app.

  • You can check your bill balance by typing the *225# code if you’re on postpaid.
  • For prepaid, use the code *777# to check your account balance.

These codes are free to use and work for most carriers.

4. Enable or Disable Call Waiting Status (*43# Enable, #43# Disable)

Call waiting can come in handy when you’re on a call, and someone tries to call you. This feature notifies you when you’re getting another incoming call during an active phone call.

  • Use the code *#43# to see if this is enabled on your iPhone.
  • To activate the call waiting status, dial *43#.
  • Dialing #43# deactivates the call waiting status.

Use this code to avoid missing notifications if you get an important call while you’re already on a call. This code works with Android as well. In fact, it’s one of the top Android secret security codes.

5. Check Your iPhone’s IMEI number (*#06#)

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15 to 17-digit number that serves as a special ID for the hardware in your phone. You can use this number to locate your lost or stolen iPhone. Service providers can also use the IMEI number associated with a phone to block stolen or lost devices and prevent misuse.

To check your IMEI and other information, simply enter the code *#06#.

Using this code is much faster than going to Settings > General > About to check your IMEI number or using any other methods to find the IMEI number on your iPhone or iPad.

6. Call Barring (*33*PIN# Enable, #33*PIN# Disable)

You can prevent unwanted incoming or outgoing calls by using the call-barring feature. This could be helpful if you keep getting telemarketing calls.

  • Use the code *#33# to see if the feature is available on your iPhone.
  • To enable the call-barring feature, dial *33(SIM PIN)#.
  • Dial #33(SIM PIN)# to turn off the call-barring feature.

This feature can be helpful when you’re on vacation and don’t want anyone to contact you. However, note that you won’t receive any calls from anyone if you enable the call-barring feature.

7. Check Missed Calls (#61#)

If your iPhone ran out of battery and someone called you, you might not be notified of missed calls. So, if you want to check your missed calls, dial #61#. You can also use this code to check missed calls if your iPhone didn’t ring on incoming calls.

8. Forward Calls (*21#)

You can forward incoming calls to your answering machine or another phone number. Simply dial *#21# to check your call forwarding status.

Use the *21(phone number)# code to enable or disable call forwarding. Add the phone number you want to forward your calls to after dialing *21.

You can also check our guide to learn how to forward calls on iPhone or Android.

9. Check Your iPhone’s IMSI (5005#)

The international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) is a unique number that identifies every user of a cellular network. It’s usually fifteen digits long, which you can check on your SIM card’s packaging.

However, it’s highly unlikely you have that with you, so if you want to check your IMSI number, dial 5005# on your iPhone’s keypad.

10. Get Local Traffic Details (511)

If you want to get accurate traffic information without using Apple Maps or Google Maps on your iPhone, call 511. This secret code gives you local traffic details and works with all carriers.

However, carriers have to update details with each state to execute this. Therefore, there may be times when you might not get local traffic details in a few states that are yet to connect with specific carriers.

11. Check Your iPhone’s Signal (*3001#12345#*)

To check how much signal your iPhone has, enter Field Test Mode by typing *3001#12345#* on the keypad.

This allows you to check all the details about your iPhone’s signal, such as settings, network, and other technical data.

If you have poor reception, you can use this code to test your signal. The digits following the rsrp0 represent your iPhone’s cellular signal strength in decibels (dBm).

  • -50dB to -60dB: Good signal.
  • -70dB to -90dB: Average signal.
  • Beyond -100dB: Poor signal.

Bonus Secret iPhone Codes

If you want to try more secret iPhone codes, here are a few bonus ones that you can try:

  • Check whether the alert system is working or not: *5005*25371#
  • To disable the alert system: *5005*25370#
  • Check call line presentation: *#30#
  • Get call directory assistance: 411
  • View legal and regulatory info: *#07#
  • Enable Enhanced Full Rate mode: *3370#

Use Your iPhone Like a Pro

Using these secret codes will save you time and let you access hidden helpful features, unlocking a new level of control and cellular customization. You can use these codes to access advanced settings, troubleshoot device issues, or uncover hidden information.

Keep in mind that depending on the carrier and your plan type, not all codes will work as intended.


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