This is something you need in your medicine cabinet… and in your bag at all times. It’s an SOS spray that acts as nature’s own antiseptic, tea tree. It’s the ideal travel companion that’s a powerful solution for aching, tired feet, cuts/scrapes, and insect bites. Spray this directly on your skin to purify and deodorize.

A customer shared, “When this product arrived I start using over a shingle I felt was coming, was relieved of the itching and redness and I also used after the shower on my feet and underarms, I felt sticky, but not too bad, after that my heavy under arms sweat and bad odor stoped, no deodorant was doing the job for me, twice a week is doing great job for me and I didn’t notice any dryness skin, I love the matter that is spray, so no contamination, happy that I purchased two of them.”

Another said, “This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! I was on a Crystal cruise and had a pimple coming up, it took care of it right away!! They turned me on to this and it is unbelievable and works for everything, including insect bites!!”

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