Veteran BBC Journalist Who Was Born and Bred in Kenya


  • Tales of Kenyans who have made it abroad serve as an inspiration and a sense of pride to the millions of people who call the country home.

    And in this instance, BBC journalist Damian Grammaticas is a beacon of hope to Kenyans seeking legacies. 

    Damian, who is of Greek descent, was born in June 1970 in Nairobi, as reported by BBC News. He was raised in the city and attended Banda School, located along Magadi Road in Kenya’s capital.

    Kenyan-Born Journalist Damian Grammaticas reports for BBC from Liege, Belgium.
    Kenyan-Born journalist Damian Grammaticas reports for BBC from Liege, Belgium.

    He graduated from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in the UK in 1992 with a degree in literature and subsequently, joined Cardiff University in Wales where he pursued a diploma in broadcast journalism.

    Damian joined BBC News in 1994 as a trainee reporter. As of 1995, he was a reporter for Look East and BBC Radio, before he moved to London in 1998 to report for BBC World, BBC News 24, and BBC Television News.

    An impressive start into his career led to a stint in Hong Kong as a correspondent in 2000. He covered stories from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. In 2003, he became a BBC correspondent in Moscow Russia, where he reported extensively from the countries of the former Soviet Union.

    He had another stint in Delhi, India and was tasked with reporting on news stories from South Asia on BBC World TV, BBC World Service radio and the BBC News website.

    Damian boasts two decades of experience in journalism as well as covering for BBC News.

    Currently, the Kenyan born journalist regularly reports from Brussels, Belgium covering issues in the UK, leaving the European Union.

    Damian returned to Kenya to cover the 2017 General Election for the British media house.

    Kenyan-Born Journalist Damian Grammaticas reports for BBC from Berlin Germany.
    Kenyan-born journalist Damian Grammaticas reports for BBC from Berlin Germany.

    On January 29, profiled Sky News journalist and news anchor Kimberly Leonard who was born and bred in Kenya. In Nairobi, she started her career working in radio.

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