PR Guru Melanie Ramjee answers our mom questions


PR Guru Melanie Ramjee answers our mom questions

Melanie Ramjee


Melanie Ramjee talks about the importance of having a solid support system when you are a working mom.

Entrepreneur and PR Guru Melanie Ramjee made us feel very special recently when she answered our parenting questions related to her beautiful kids.

Being a mom is …. 

most the hardest job I have ever had in all my years on this planet

The last time I gagged because of my kid was when she…

asked me for Baby Fu*ck at 6am on Christmas morning. She can’t pronounce her ‘S’ yet. For some reason it was so funny, I laughed so hard and nearly fell off the bed.

The last time I cried as a mom my daughter… 

rubbed my face and gave me a tight squeeze

My advice to other moms would be… 

stop comparing your child’s development to others around you.  All kids different and grow at our own pace. I did it with my firstborn and was constantly concerned my son wasn’t walking at the right time or slow in potty training.

My favourite part about being a mom is… 

that feeling of fulfillment and purpose you have deep in your soul.

The biggest challenge is… 

not knowing where to return them dammit. Kidding. The biggest challenge is having to work and not spend enough time with them. Running my own business has helped me see them more but it is never enough

My biggest mom guilt is when… 

I have to travel for work / fun

My success as a parent is measured by… 

the adults my kids become, the values they hold and how they contribute to humanity

The most important affirmation I say to my daughter is… 

you can be anything you want to be cos you have superpowers (just don tell the boys)

The most important behaviour/attitude I mirror for my child is… 


My work-life balance as a working mum is… 

a lot better than other working moms I know. I have been privileged to have a great team helping me raise my seedlings

I hate when other moms…. 

act like they know it all and make you feel bad for making mistakes.

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