Ireland Amanda Holden uses personal video to urge women to...

Amanda Holden uses personal video to urge women to get checked for breast cancer


Amanda Holden has shared footage of herself going for a breast cancer screening in an effort to “inspire” others to do the same.

In a video for the Heart radio station, the presenter urged others to have a mammogram.

Holden said she always feels “nervous” before going in for a scan, adding: “I think it is a really human thing to feel.”

The footage, which was shared on social media, showed a nurse using the X-ray machine to test the Britain’s Got Talent judge.

“Hopefully it will inspire you to do the same thing,” Holden said.

She urged people not to be “intimidated, because this is a big machine”.

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(Isabel Infantes/PA)

“It is a little bit buzzy and, you know, stripping off and having to do something in front of a complete stranger can be a bit nerve wracking.

“But it is for your own safety and your own good, so all I can say is just do it.”

She added: “Do it for yourself, do it for your family.”

Holden said the process was “really quick, considering it could potentially save my life”.

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