News End SARS: Why protest won’t stop now – Segalink

End SARS: Why protest won’t stop now – Segalink


Popular Human rights activist, Segun Awosanya, on Saturday, said the anti-Special Robbery Squad, SARS, protest won’t stop.

Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink, said the protest won’t stop because the government is not listening to the outcry against SARS.

Featuring on Channels Television’s programme, Sunrise Daily, Awosanya explained that the anti-SARS protest was a call to end impunity.

According to Awosanya: “The protests will continue to go on because the authorities are not listening to the people, if they listen enough all the things we are seeing today we told them before now but they are not listening.

“We told the authorities that it will get to this point if they continue to be insensitive to the cry of the people and what are they asking for? they are saying shut down impunity.

“ENDSARS simply means end impunity, the culture of impunity where people get away with crime.

“If an armed robber commits crime with a gun, we know what the penalties are but what about a police officer who is maintained by taxpayers money and use the state’s gun to rob innocent citizens and he gets to be transferred and we keep seeing him.

“If you call a unit within the police system, special tactical squad, special anti-robbery squad or special anti-robbery squad and they are no longer special, they are all over the place collecting bribes, seizing people, indiscriminately killing people, how do you want people to feel towards that?”

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