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Lulu Hassan Corners Husband on Live TV [VIDEO]


  • Citizen TV‘s power couple Rashid Abdalla and his wife Lulu Hassan shared a light moment on Live TV, after Lulu asked her husband what he would do if he discovered that their children were not his.

    The two were addressing the issue of paternity on Saturday, evening October 10, with Bi Mswafari and psychotherapist Benjamin Zulu called in for their expert opinion on the same.

    Rashid was at a loss for words at first, but Lulu was not letting him off the hook as she insisted that he reveals what he would do.

    Atamaliza sentensi kwanza, sidhani atamaliza sentensi, (Would they even get through the sentence, I don’t think they’d make it through the sentence)” he said in reference to his crazy reaction to whoever gave him the devastating news, leaving Lulu in stitches.

    Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla share a light moment. December 14, 2019.
    Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla share a light moment. December 14, 2019.

    On his part, Zulu explained that a revelation of that magnitude affected key components vital for a successful marriage; trust and respect.

    “These are the only two pillars that support love. You need to ask yourself if you can truly trust your spouse ever again, if you cannot, then don’t force yourself to stay in the union as it would probably end tragically,” he opined.

    He further advised any man caught in such a situation to avoid certain religious leaders and family members who more often than not encourage couples to stick it out.

    The psychotherapist explained that a lot of couples are caught up in bitter marriages following advice from marriage and religious leaders that they stick it out to the end.

    “You need to consult yourself. Steer clear from religious leaders and family members or you may end up living through bitterness for the rest of your life,” he advised.

    However, he made it clear that there is room for forgiveness and reconciliation as long as the decision to forgive came without any external influence.

    Citizen TV News Anchors Rashid Abdalla (Left) and his wife Lulu Hassan.
    Citizen TV News Anchors Rashid Abdalla (Left) and his wife Lulu Hassan.

    Bi Mswafari encouraged couples to forgive adding that any father who raises a child is the definition of a real man, and not necessarily the biological father.

    Lulu stepped in and pointed out that in their previous nipashe wikendi show, Rashid’s boys club made a guest appearance and revealed how men often inspect their newborn babies in search of that vital sign that they are the father.

    Rashid sema, saa hizi umenyamaza, (Say something Rashid, why so quiet all over sudden),” she said jokingly.

    According to the government chemist, 50% of Kenyan men who go for paternity testing turn out not to be the real fathers of the children.

    Many fathers are left in shock and disbelief when they come to the realization, later in life, that the child they have adored loved and raided in not theirs biolgically.

    Most men seeking paternity tests often claim their decisions were prompted by their wives some of whom tell them to their face that they were not the biological father of their children.

     “Sometimes when a couple is quarrelling, the woman in an attempt to hurt the man, will tell him he is not the father of the children,” the former Chief Government Chemist revealed in a past interview.

    Watch Lulu and Rashid’s discussion below:

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