Regional Categories Africa Morocco denies reports about extradition of Israel criminals 

Morocco denies reports about extradition of Israel criminals 


Rabat has denied that it agreed to extradite Israeli criminals detained in Morocco to Israel, Al-Watan Voice reported on Friday.

Sources speaking to mass media communicated that the reports about the extradition of the two Israeli criminals detained in Morocco: “Are merely propaganda and completely opposite to the truth and reality.”

Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that a Moroccan security delegation had visited Israel and met with Israeli police officials to arrange the extradition of the Israeli criminals identified as Golan Avitan and Chiko (Moshe) Beit Adah.

The Israeli newspaper reported that the two Israeli criminals are to be extradited to Israel via Spain, as Morocco and Israel do not have diplomatic relations.

The Moroccan sources were reported stating: “The two Israeli citizens related to the propaganda are currently in Moroccan prisons and they are being prosecuted based on Moroccan law, over crimes committed in the kingdom.”

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The Jerusalem Post confirmed that Avitan, a member of an Israeli criminal gang, was arrested about a year and a half ago in Morocco after receiving information from Israeli police.

Meanwhile, Beit Adah runs a document forging network and used to issue fake passports in the kingdom.

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