News Kenya 11-Year-Old Girl Gifts Raila a Painting

11-Year-Old Girl Gifts Raila a Painting [VIDEO]


  • An 11-year-old artist, Sheila Sheldongifted ODM leader Raila Odinga with a painting of his portrait at Capitol Hill offices in Nairobi on Wednesday, November 18.

    Sheldon stated that she painted the artwork to depict Odinga’s fight for democracy and freedom in Kenya. 

    “The footsteps show that you are an inspiring leader with vision, integrity and strong character. The hands presented with clouds represent the handshake between you (Odinga) and the President of Kenya. 

    “Your legacy and fairness to all govern towards a peaceful Kenya. On behalf of Kenyans especially children like me I would like to thank you, Baba, for fighting for our freedom and rights that we currently enjoy,” Sheldon stated.

    Watch her speak with Raila Odinga

    In the painting, she further drew chains to symbolise the Former Prime Minister’s detentions and white clouds to represent peace. 

    She also prayed that Odinga will one day be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to unite the country. 

    “Thank you very much. This is very inspirational and I want to congratulate you for the effort and vision to capture this painting,” Odinga responded.

    He added that she is an amazing young girl with inspiring explanations for every detail in the painting.

    Sheldon is famous for her artwork and talent and has interacted with notable world leaders and celebrities. Among those she has painted are Deputy President William Ruto, Rwanda President Paul Kagame and Uganda’s Kaguta Yoweri Museveni. 

    In March 2020, she stunned netizens online with a painting of US TV show host Ellen DeGeneres

    Sheldon is also a model, a poet, and a designer. At 10 years old, she designed a shirt for President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

    “I don’t know why I draw but I know it’s a God-given ability. I started drawing when I was five when my teacher told my mother I had a talent for drawing and she started nurturing me. 

    “I also teach other children because if you have a talent, you don’t claim it,” Sheldon stated in an interview with BBC in August 2018.

    Watch her story 

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