News Kenya 16-Year-Old to Inherit 3 Wives, A Dozen Children

16-Year-Old to Inherit 3 Wives, A Dozen Children


  • A Form 3 student from Baringo county has been tasked with the daunting responsibility of inheriting three wives and 15 children.

    Korkor Ripotolim was handed the responsibility of taking in the three wives and children following the death of his brother Namwama Cherem.

    This is according to the Pokot culture which also prescribes for sharing of property left behind by the deceased, settling of any debts that were left behind, the inheritance of the deceased’s wife and take care of the children.

    Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha at a school in Nyeri on October 28, 2020.
    Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha at a school in Nyeri on October 28, 2020.

    “We were two brothers, he was the eldest. He left behind three wives and 15 children, and in our culture, we cannot let the wives go back to their parents. The next brother has the responsibility of inheriting the wives and children.

    “I’m still in school and I do not have the means to provide for the wives and children. I would like the women to be helped and given a source of livelihood,” he explained.

    Korkor’s brother was a Pokot warrior and led a group of other warriors in raids in the neighbouring community.

    Korkor who is a student at Tangulbei High School had his late brother cater for most of his needs including school fees, and is now left with the heavy task of providing for the whole family.

    With schools set to reopen in January 2021, Korkor is doubtful he will resume classes owing to the burden placed on his shoulders.

    “I plead for help because I’m still young and attending school. I do not have a job to be able to provide for the wives and children most of whom are still young.

    “I do not know who will cater for them because some are in school and therefore require school fees. I still also have to attend school,” noted Ripotolim.

    At a young age of 16, Korkor is now set to play the role of a father and husband to the late brother’s wives and children.

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