News Freed Kyagulanyi warns Museveni as city protest death toll...

Freed Kyagulanyi warns Museveni as city protest death toll rises to 49


National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been granted a non-cash bail by Iganga Chief Magistrate’s court after being charged with acts likely to spread coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Kyagulanyi whose arrest on Wednesday sparked off protests all over the country that led to the death of more than 50 people and injuring more than 130 others. Kyagulanyi told court that there’s no reason as to why he should be court because he has not committed any offence. 
“Am not here because I committed a crime. I am here because I offered myself to lead Ugandans into ending 35 years of a dictatorship…It is Museveni who is supposed to be in this dock for killing innocent citizens,” an exhausted and frail-looking Kyagulanyi said. 

“Even though I have been released, at least temporarily, this is no happy day, we mourn the death of more than 37 innocent who were murdered by this murderous regime. I have learnt that more than 500 people were arrested….They brutalised and tortured us in order to break our resolve. I have news for you Mr. Museveni and all those who work for him, we are not your slaves. Ugandans refuse to be your slaves. You can pepper spray us and break our bodies but you can’t touch and break our spirit and soul…We are not giving up, we shall continue fighting for our freedom. To the people of Uganda, do not give up, they cannot kill us all. Ugandans, nobody is going to fight for you, you have to fight for your freedom. Mr Museveni that presidential chair that is making you gloat will soon be no more because the people are going to oust you from power,” said Kyagulanyi. 
According to lawyer Nkunyingi Muwada soldiers stormed the court session and confiscated with Kyagulanyi’s torn clothes that had been brought to court as evidence. 

Meanwhile, the death toll from Kyagulanyi’s protests has now risen to 49. According to records at Mulago hospital mortuary, 37 bodies were brought to the mortuary from different hospitals, while 12 are patients who died from injuries at the hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.

David Niwamanya, the Mulago hospital principal administrator, says that some of the patients died on arrival at the hospital while others died in the process of being operated to remove the bullets.  

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