News Iran Iran Condemns Rocket Attack on Embassy in Kabul

Iran Condemns Rocket Attack on Embassy in Kabul


Iran Condemns Rocket Attack on Embassy in Kabul

Commenting on the reports that several rockets have hit buildings in the Afghan capital on Saturday, including on the premises of the Iranian Embassy, Khatibzadeh condemned any terrorist attack targeting the Afghan people or civilian sites.

He also expressed sympathy with the government and people of Afghanistan, particularly the bereaved families of victims of the terrorist attack.

“According to the inspections, at least one rocket has hit the internal premises of Iran’s Embassy in Kabul so far in today’s terrorist missile attack on various locations in Kabul, including the city’s diplomatic neighborhood,” Khatibzadeh added.

The rocket attack has caused minor damages to some facilities and equipment inside the Iranian Embassy, but it has not inflicted any harm on the embassy staff, he added.

The spokesperson slammed the terrorist attack as an example of the “proxy war and activities of the terrorist allies of the US in Afghanistan”, saying Washington is directly responsible for the attack.

A rocket barrage slammed into the heavily fortified Green Zone of Kabul on Saturday, where many embassies and international firms are based.

At least eight civilians have been killed in the rocket strike, which has wounded dozens of others.

Tariq Arian, spokesman for the interior ministry, said terrorists mounted the rockets on a small truck and set them off.

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