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Journalist Alex Chamwada Performs Stunt On Road in Congo [VIDEO]


  • Celebrated Journalist Alex Chamwada performed a stunt on a road in Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday morning, November 22.

    Chamwada, who is in the Central African country on a working trip for his Daring Abroad series, told that residents of Goma in Congo, culturally spend their Sunday mornings exercising in groups along the streets.

    In the clip, Chamwada is seen lying on the tarmac, on his back, while a colleague stands on his belly section.

    In other shows that he shared, Chamwada can be seen taking part in other routine activities.

    Chams Media founder (in red T-shirt) joins residents in Goma, DRC, on Sunday, November 22, 2020.
    Chams Media founder (in red T-shirt) joins residents in Goma, DRC, on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

    “This is Goma, the capital of the Eastern region of DRC. Things are good and we are fit. Residents here wake up early every Sunday to exercise before going to church. I joined them and see I am good,” Chamwada caption the photos.

    He explained that the residents of the estate exercised regularly.

    “Today I joined them because they exercise every Sunday morning. It is normal just like Nairobi, only that here they do it religiously. 

    “In Nairobi, there are people who wake up to go exercise in Karura and Buruburu among others. It is not a tradition, it is just a practice,” he clarified.

    Chamwada who travels a lot recording shows abroad stated that his work can be challenging at times due to lengthy procedures one has to go through in Western countries just to have something done.

    In an earlier interview, he confirmed that it was easier working with Kenyans abroad, stating that the cultural influences make it easy to get their contacts and even interviews over the phone, unlike their foreign counterparts.

    In early 2020, Chamwada terminated his company Chams Media’s contract with KTN before giving the show a new home at NTV.

    The show has consistently been ranked among the country’s best performing

    Below is the video:


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