News Ramaphosa comments on Bushiri saga: ‘It should never have...

Ramaphosa comments on Bushiri saga: ‘It should never have happened’


President Cyril Ramaphosa could not escape questions regarding self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary on Wednesday. The Bushiris have made headlines, not only for their alleged involvement in a fraud and money laundering scandal worth R100 million but also for breaking bail conditions and skipping the country to Malawi. 

On Wednesday morning news broke that the Bushiris handed themselves over to authorities in Malawi. In the meantime, the Hawks issued a second arrest warrant for the couple and said South Africa has initiated legal proceedings to secure the extradition of the fugitives.


In an interview with eNCA reporter Siphamandla Goge, Ramaphosa said the Bushiris “escape” should never have happened. 

“The Bushiri matter has been very concerning to all of us,” said Ramaphosa. 

“I’m waiting on a report, a detailed report on the whole Bushiri saga which I will get and then we’ll see what action needs to be taken because it should never have happened the way it did and so either tomorrow or so, I’ll be getting a report,” he said.  

“We are going to take action, that’s for sure,” he added. 


On Saturday 14 November Bushiri took to social media saying that he and Mary arrived in Malawi. He also made clar in the statement that they were not running away. 

“I want to make it clear, here, that our coming to Malawi is not an act of running away from being tried. Not at all,” he said. 

“All my wife and I want is to clear our names in a justice system that is fair, impartial and just. In this vein, I am calling for three things to be met by the Republic of South African authorities to ensure our fair, impartial and just trial,” he added. 

On Wednesday morning 18 November — just four days later — he announced that they handed themselves over to authorities in Malawi. 

“I have a strong belief in the Constitution of Malawi because it protects its every citizen including my wife and I, and I cannot have a fair trial in South Africa,” he said. 

“Because of that, I will be presenting myself before law enforcement agencies this morning to legally explain and defend the decisions that I made to come to Malawi. I am innocent until proven guilty. As of now, there is no court in the world that has proven me guilty. I may be subjected by media and public trial but I maintain my innocence until proven guilty,” he added. Protection Status

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