News Iran UNSC’ Legitimacy at Stake: Iranian Envoy

UNSC’ Legitimacy at Stake: Iranian Envoy


UNSC’ Legitimacy at Stake: Iranian Envoy

Addressing a Monday session of the UN General Assembly, Majid Takht Ravanchi said the UNSC is facing the crisis of faltering legitimacy and credibility because of its weak and passive performance and also illegal and extrajudicial measures in some cases.

He also bemoaned the fact that the UNSC is dominated by the Western states and being abused by certain permanent members of the council, saying the UNSC has an “undemocratic” structure because of the weak presence of developing countries as non-permanent members of the council.

Deploring the excessive and immediate use of the UNSC’s authority and enforcement action under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, such as the imposition of sanctions, Takht Ravanchi said such act should be a last resort option, when all other ways for the peaceful settlement of the conflict have been exercised and their impacts have been evaluated.

The Iranian envoy further denounced imposition of sanctions as an improper method whose efficiency and moral legitimacy have been questioned because of affecting the vulnerable groups in the target countries.

Stressing the need for a reform of the UNSC’s procedures, Takht Ravanchi emphasized that a revised council must be committed to law, abide by the UN Charter, and be responsible for its activities and decisions.

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