This is the second time Mr Hakainde Hichilema is showering Zambians with insults.

The first time, he was in Bemba land where he blessed his supporters and Zambians in general with insults, which has not gone well with the people that side, since he refused to apologize.

This time, he was in Pemba, Southern Province where he belittled women and the youth.

We may not want to repeat his uncouth language but we can pick lessons from his recent behavior.

This man has 5 words that those close to him or have been close to him can not dispute.

And this is who is:

1. Bitter
2. Sadist
3. Hypocrite
4. Hater
5. Opportunist

His language in the recent past has been of bitterness just like many years. His sadistic attitude towards national matters and hypocritical character when he is in his usual light blue shirt and red tie exposes his gene of hate.

What value is in insulting poor Pemba women and the youth?

But we know what made him upset; the UPND ground in Pemba is weak, because the PF, through Bizwell Mutaale and Kebby Mbewe, have been frequenting the place.

The duo, with the support from the party, have sunk boleholes, have distributed food and have helped many vulnerable people.

And in Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, that should not happen.

He wants people of Southern Province not to receive any help or receive development from the ruling party or government – sadist.

In Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he doesn’t want people from Southern Province to support PF – Hater.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he doesn’t want the people of Southern Province to see that the PF, despite having economic challenges, are working – bitterness.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and reasoning, he wants people to believe that PF have done nothing since they formed government – Hypocrite.

In Mr Hichilema’s heart and soul, the unknown anger surprises many as to why he behaves like that.

But we won’t lose hope as we have a feeling that the Council of Churches in Zambia-CCZ and the Seventh Day Adventist Church together with Bishop Telesphore Mpundu will pray for him.

They will pray for him so that he can change for the better but what we are assured of is that these people cannot condemn Mr Hichilema in public.

Others who can possibly help Mr Hichilema end his childish acts are Bishop John Mambo and CiSCA leadership who should possibly sit down Mr Hichilema and educate him on the need to be morally upright when you are seeking public office.

We are just wondering what type of a President General he could be, with those insults and hate speech.

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