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Global COVID-19 cases surpasses 90 million



The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has surpassed 90 million, with a total of 90,054,813.

The health organization in a statement on Wednesday said that globally, there are 90,054,813 confirmed cases with 1,945,610 deaths.

The WHO noted that the U.S. remains at the top in both infection cases and fatalities, with 22,428,591 confirmed cases and 373,329 deaths followed by India with 10,495,147 cases and 151,529 deaths, and then Brazil, with 8,131,612 cases and 203,580 deaths.

“Also severely affected were Russia with 3,448,203 cases, Britain with 3,118,522 cases, France with 2,740,656 cases, Italy with 2,289,021 cases, and Spain with 2,111,782 cases.

“On the list of death tolls after the top three were Mexico with 134,368 cases, Britain with 81,960 cases, Italy with 79,203 cases, France with 67,368 cases, Russia with 62,804 cases, Iran with 56,360 cases, and Spain with 52,275 cases.

“As the world is struggling to contain the pandemic, vaccination is underway in some countries with the already-authorised coronavirus vaccines.

“Meanwhile, 236 candidate vaccines are still being developed worldwide, 63 of them in clinical trials in countries including Germany, China, Russia, Britain and the United States,” the statement said.

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Israel floods farmlands with rainwater in eastern Gaza



The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture announced on Thursday that Israel had vented its dams for rainwater harvesting, leading to the flooding of farmlands near the Gaza Strip’s eastern borders and the destruction of vast agricultural areas.

Israel has built several dams to collect and use rainwater and vents it without warning when large quantities of water accumulate during the winter, causing damage to the Gaza Strip’s farm and agricultural lands.

Ahmed Fatayer, director of the ministry’s branch in Gaza, disclosed that Israel: “Has opened the rainwater dams east of the Shuja’iyya neighbourhood in the east of the Gaza Strip, which led to flooding hundreds of dunams of agricultural land.”

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Fatayer indicated that Palestinian farmers have suffered “great losses and direct and indirect damage” due to the sudden venting of dams.

He pointed out that Israel has been venting the dams and flooding agricultural land belonging to Palestinian citizens in recent years.

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Salem Quta, one of the affected farmers, conveyed that the Palestinian landowners have suffered significant losses due to the flooding of their agricultural areas.

“About 400 dunams (one dunam equals 1,000 metres) were directly flooded with water, while 150 dunams were indirectly damaged by the flow of rainwater,” Quta told Anadolu Agency.

The farmer explained that the flooding of agricultural lands occurred when the crops he was growing during recent months were about to ripen.

Quta confirmed that in addition to flooding agricultural areas, Israel also: “Sprays chemical pesticides on the crops, which ends up destroying them, in addition to clearing the land.”

He called on human rights organisations and institutions to stand with the Palestinian farmers and support them to resist these violations.

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Weather forecast, alerts and UVB index for all South African provinces, 22 January 2021



Weather data provided by the South African Weather Service. For a detailed forecast of your province, click here.

Severe Weather Alerts


  1. Yellow level 2: For severe thunderstorms with heavy downpours, gusty winds, hail and excessive lightning resulting in localized damages to settlements formal/informal, vehicles and a short-term disruption to power over eastern interior of the Eastern Cape.


  1. Extremely high fire danger conditions are expected over the western and central interior of the Western Cape and southern parts of Namakwa District of the Northern Cape.


  1. Extremely hot conditions are expected over Khai-Ma in the Norther Cape, Central Karoo District as well as Langeberg Municipality in the Western Cape tomorrow.
  2. A heat wave with persistently high temperatures is expected over the Matzikama Municipality and the southern parts of Namakwa Districts in the Northern Cape until tomorrow but over the central and the eastern interior of the Western Cape Province, and western and northern interior of the Eastern Cape until Saturday (21-23/01/2021).


Temperature: Partly cloudy and hot.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: Moderate.


Temperature: Morning fog patches over the escarpment, otherwise partly cloudy and warm.


Temperature: Partly cloudy and warm to hot.

North-West Province:

Temperature: Fine and warm to hot, becoming partly cloudy with isolated showers and thundershowers, except in the north east.

Free State:

Temperature: Fine in the east at first, otherwise partly cloudy and warm to hot with isolated showers and thundershowers, except in the extreme east.

Northern Cape:

Temperature: Partly cloudy and hot to very hot with isolated showers and thundershowers in the central and eastern parts. It will be extremely hot in the south

Wind: The wind along the coast will be moderate to fresh southerly to south-westerly.

Western Cape:

Temperature: Cloudy with morning fog along the south coast at first, otherwise fine and warm along the coastal areas, but hot to very hot over the western interior and extremely hot over the central and eastern interior.

Wind: The wind along the coast will be moderate easterly along the south coast in the morning, otherwise fresh to strong south-easterly.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: High.

Eastern Cape:

The Western halfTemperature: Cloudy and warm with morning fog in places in the south, otherwise partly cloudy and hot to very hot with isolated thunderstorms over the north east.

The Western Half – Wind: The wind along the coast will be Moderate to fresh south easterly, reaching strong east of Port Elizabeth in the afternoon.

The Eastern halfTemperature: Cloudy and warm with morning fog south of the escarpment, otherwise partly cloudy and hot with isolated thunderstorms over the interior from the afternoon.

The Eastern halfWind: The wind along the coast will be moderate to fresh north easterly, reaching strong in the evening.


Temperature: Morning fog over the interior, otherwise partly cloudy and warm, but hot in places in the north. Afternoon isolated showers and thundershowers are expected in the south western parts.

Wind: The wind along the coast will be Moderate northerly to north-easterly in the morning, becoming fresh.

The expected UVB Sunburn Index: Extreme. Protection Status

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