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Marekani yafutilia mbali uangalizi wake wa uchaguzi Uganda



Marekani imefutilia mbali uangalizi wake wa uchaguzi nchini Uganda kwa sababu maombi yake mengi ya kupata kibali yalikataliwa. Marekani sasa inasema uchaguzi wa kesho hautokuwa na uwajibikaji na uwazi.

 Tangazo hili linatolewa wakati ambapo kuna wasiwasi unaoongezeka kuhusu uwazi wa uchaguzi huo utakaomshindanisha Yoweri Museveni, mmoja wa viongozi wa Afrika walioongoza kwa muda mrefu, na wagombea wengine kumi akiwemo Bobi Wine, mwimbaji mwenye umaarufu mkubwa. 

Chaguzi zilizopita za Uganda zilikumbwa na kamatakamata ya wapinzani na safari hii kampeni zimeshuhudia machafuko huku watu kadhaa wakifariki dunia na wagombea wa upinzani, wafuasi wao na maafisa wa kampeni wakikamatwa na kutishwa. 

Umoja wa Ulaya umesema mchakato wa uchaguzi nchini humo umechafuliwa na utumiaji wa nguvu kupita kiasi na ombi lake la kutuma waangalizi halikukubaliwa.

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Hillary Clinton to produce pro-Kurd militia TV drama



Former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is producing a television drama in support of the Kurdish militias in Syria. Clinton is being joined in the project by her daughter Chelsea.

According to Hollywood Reporter magazine, the Clintons will be producing the drama in partnership with HiddenLight Productions. It will be based on the book The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice by the American author and journalist Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.

In the book, which is being published next month, Lemmon recounts the stories of women in the Kurdish militias in north-east Syria who fought against the terror group Daesh after its emergence in 2014. “The Daughters of Kobani… is an extraordinary account of brave, defiant women fighting for justice and equality,” Clinton told the magazine.

The Kurdish militias in Syria such as the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) enjoy popularity in the West, particularly for their use of women soldiers and their veneer of democratic principles. That is the image that has gained them much Western sympathy over the years, and American support militarily in the fight against Daesh and as a possible counterweight to Turkish forces in the region.

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European governments also more or less see them as partners for cooperation in Syria, and regard their administration in the country’s north-east as legitimate. A stain on the Kurdish militias’ aims for international legitimacy, however, has been their poor human rights record that remains largely overlooked.

The Kurdish groups’ human rights violations include the forced recruitment of child soldiers, abductions, torture, the crackdown on freedom of speech and the persecution of elements of the Arab population within the areas under their control. This month, the YPG was also reported to have fired on Syrian children as the group was attempting to forcefully recruit them.

There is also concern over the YPG’s connections to the internationally-designated terror group the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The YPG is said to be the Syrian branch of the PKK.

That connection has led to action being taken against former foreign fighters with the YPG, even by the US and Europe. US intelligence, for example, arrested former YPG militant Daniel Baker earlier this month for allegedly attempting to commit a terror attack and armed conflict against pro-Trump supporters at the Capitol Building. The British authorities also arrested a fighter from the militia in 2018.

READ: Ex-US general criticises America’s support for YPG Kurds

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BREAKING: Buhari finally sacks service chiefs



Olusegun Bamgbose, a chieftain of the New Nigerian Peoples Party, NNPP, has said that Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Igboho, is helping President Muhammadu Buhari by defending his people against killer herdsmen in Oyo State.

He said Buhari’s inability and failure to act promptly and decisively has made it imperative for Sunday Igboho to intervene.

Bamgbose, an attorney at law, noted that the insensitivity of the government, in times of insecurity can lead to illegality, adding that it was already playing out in Oyo and Ondo States.

He claimed that illegality may become inevitable where intervention is lacking, warning that self-defence can not be considered a crime in any part of the world.

“In an atmosphere of insecurity, without any reasonable intervention, self-help will be unavoidable,” he stated while addressing members of the NNPP in Jigawa State Monday evening.

“Igboho is helping Buhari to do his duties. What else will you expect the people of Igangan in Ibarapa to do in the circumstance, there are reported cases of kidnapping, killings, rape and robberies and the security agents are not helping matters, President Buhari also kept mute, what do you expect the people to do than to find a way to help themselves.

“Criminality should not be condoned in any way and in any shape. If any person is found to be causing mayhem, they should be dealt with accordingly. Nigerians should heavily blame Buhari for the ugly scenario.

“The security architecture has failed under Buhari. Security is never a tribal or political issue, it’s a national issue and must be treated thus.

“I want to warn the powers that be not to make any attempt whatsoever to harm Sunday Igboho, this will certainly lead to chaos. His emergence has become necessary in view of Buhari’s weakness to combat insecurity in Nigeria.

“As a lawyer, I’m aware that the quit notice is illegal but as I said earlier on, Insecurity begets illegality and that illegality may become imperative because intervention by the government is lacking.

“It’s most likely that the action of Igboho will now lead to intervention as can be seen already. It’s so unfortunate we have a President who will always wait until things get bad before he intervenes.”

Recall that the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, had reportedly ordered for the arrest of Igboho according to Garba Shehu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Spokesman.

This was after Igboho made good his threat to evict Fulani from Igangan at the weekend.

Igboho had listed the assassination of Oyo businessman, Fatai Aborode, Alhaja Serifat Adisa and her children, an Igangan prince, among others as his reasons for issuing the eviction notice.

Muhabarishaji reported on Tuesday morning that Igboho’s house at Soka, Ibadan, Oyo State was set ablaze by unidentified persons, described by the police as hoodlums.

The recent turn of events has triggered fear among community members, raising speculations of imminent reprisals.

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Mother who went stealing with teen son given final chance



A mother who went shoplifting with her teenage son on Dublin’s Grafton Street, has been given a final chance to pay compensation.

The Dublin woman, who is in her late 30s, and the co-accused, her 17-year-old son, had pleaded guilty six months ago to theft of razors worth €800 from a Boots shop.

Her son was also caught on another date with a stolen phone. He claimed it belonged to a friend, but as he was questioned by a suspicious garda, the phone began ranging. The officer answered to hear the voice of the phone’s real owner on the other end of the line, the Dublin Children’s Court was told.

The court heard mother and son entered the Boots store on October 9th, 2019 and went to the razor blades section. They concealed razors in bags and in their clothes and left, making no attempt to pay. They were identified from CCTV evidence.


The mother had one prior conviction for a not wearing a seat belt. Her solicitor had said her client cared for another child with mental health problems. She was a dedicated mother who until recently had difficulty getting a permanent residence, the solicitor said.

Her family had moved a number of times in recent years, but they hope to remain at their current address in Dublin for a longer period.

She was apologetic, the solicitor said, pleading for leniency.

The woman was told she had to stay out of trouble and bring a sum of cash to court. However, when the case resumed, Judge Colin Daly was told the woman did not have any money and needed more time.

Defence solicitor Ruth Walsh explained that her client’s family had recent bereavements which resulted in her having to use her money to help cover funeral costs.
Judge Daly adjourned the case for finalisation in April.

Brown Thomas jacket

Her son, and co-defendant, was sentenced to 12 months’ supervised probation last year. He had also pleaded guilty to the same charge, and 15 other offences committed over a 12-month period.


Armed robber left behind by his accomplices jailed…

He had no prior criminal convictions.

He was caught with the stolen phone worth €1,000 at Parnell Street on June 11 in 2019.

During a public order offence he was heavily intoxicated and called gardaí “f***ing scumbags”.

The teen stole €280 worth of sunglasses and a €825 jacket from Brown Thomas in Dublin. He was also found with a stolen bicycle.

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