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Mbarara candidates express concern over broken election material seals



Some of the election ballots were delivered with broken seals

Some of the election ballots were delivered with broken seals

Mbarara City candidates have expressed disappointment with the Electoral Commission for delivering election materials with broken seals. 

The Electoral Commission on Thursday delivered the materials for the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for January 14. The materials included ballot papers, polling register, declaration forms, the ink pad, indelible ink and pens among others. 

However, the boxes had seals which were broken, raising suspicion amongst political party representatives and independent candidates. Each box was supposed to be sealed with two seals of different colours but more than 20 boxes had one seal or both seals broken.

Bright Muhumuza, a parliamentary candidate for Mbarara City North on National Unity Platform ticket said that the broken seals are suspicious and claimed that there were plans to rig the elections. He said that they will not sign the forms unless they have proof that the materials inside the boxes were not tampered with.

“And when we were opening, we found that some of the ballot boxes, their seals were broken. So we did not know exactly what was in the boxes and am telling you the plans to rig elections have started already and I don’t think we shall accept. I have asked my people not to accept because most of the seals were tampered with. Now they have invited us to witness, to witness what?” said Muhumuza. 

Imamu Kagiiko, who represented Emmy Mbareebaki, the Mbarara City South parliamentary candidate said that the broken seals have left many unanswered questions especially on the number of materials delivered.

“Yes the number of boxes delivered is correct, how about the number of materials inside the boxes how sure are we that is correct”.

Violet Atuhurira, the returning officer Mbarara City, says that there is no cause for alarm. She says that the seals could have been destroyed while the materials were on transit. She, however, says that the broken seals were replaced in the presence of candidates and their representatives.

“We had issues of some broken seals which happens because of the way they are packed and the movements definitely some of those seals got broken. But the good thing is every box had two seals – the orange and white. You would find that one of the two is broken, so we kept on replacing the seals and we want to assure the public, we want to assure the voters and the candidates that these materials are going to be safe here. They are safe and they will go to the polling stations when they are sealed,” Atuhurira said. 

Manzi Munanura, a parliamentary candidate Mbarara City South, said he was disappointed with the EC for not informing the independent candidates to witness the delivery of the material. Mbarara City received 195 ballot boxes.

In Kanungu district, only one seal was found broken. The district returning officer Ferdinand Mulekezi said that the seals will be replaced in the presence of the candidates or their agents. The voting materials are for the 309 polling stations in 25 town councils and sub counties of the district.

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Tributes paid to ‘kind’ doctor who may be first GP to die with Covid-19



Tributes have been paid to a long-serving doctor in Dublin, who may be the first general practitioner (GP) to die with Covid-19 if his death is officially attributed to the virus.

The Irish Times reports that Paul McDermott (57) from Rathfarnham treated patients from his surgery on Glendoher Road for more than 20 years.

Mr McDermott tested positive for Covid-19 after his sudden death at home in early January.

Deaths are counted as Covid-19 deaths if confirmed by a positive test, or if the virus played a role in a person’s death in the opinion of a medical practitioner.

Mr McDermott’s family are currently waiting for the result of a postmortem.

His brother, Ray, said Mr McDermott had been treating patients with Covid-19 in the weeks before he died.

‘Warm, witty and compassionate’

Hundreds have paid tribute to Dr McDermott online, including former patients, colleagues and friends.

One former patient said “he was more than a family doctor, he was a friend and confidant, irrespective of how busy it was”.

Another described him as “kind, loyal, warm, witty and compassionate”.

The GP comes from a family tradition of practising medicine, with his mother Sarah MacAuley opening a GP surgery in Rathfarnham in the late 1960s.

“Paul, along with my mother, worked for many years in the community; she for 50 years now, and he for over 20,” his brother Ray McDermott, who is an oncologist, said.


‘No shame’ in contracting Covid-19 amid soaring tr…

Ms MacAuley, who is now in her 90s, continued to work alongside her late son until recently, Ray added.

According to official figures, 11 healthcare workers have so far died with Covid-19.

Among the most recent healthcare worker deaths are Mariter Tarugo, a healthcare assistant at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin; and Bernie McAndrew, a nurse in Belmullet, Co Mayo.

More than 6,800 healthcare workers have been infected with Covid-19 since Christmas — one in 10 of all positive cases.

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Tamko la Rais Magufuli kuhusu magonjwa ya mlipuko



Rais wa Tanzania Dkt John Magufuli amesema licha ya uwepo wa magonjwa ya mlipuko kama Corona lakini watanzania hatutajifungia.

Rais Magufuli ameyasema hayo leo Januari 27, 2021 alipokuwa akizindua shamba la miti la Chato lililopo wilayani Chato mkoani Geita.

”Nchi nyingi wamejifungia ndani, Watanzania hatujajifungia na hatutegemei kujifungia na wala sitegemei kutangaza kwamba tunajifungia ndani kwa sababu Mungu wetu yupo”, amesema Rais Magufuli.

Aidha katika kuchukua tahadhari juu ya magonjwa ya mlipuko, Rais wa Tanzania Dkt John Magufuli amesema watu waendelee kujifukiza na kuomba mungu pamoja na kufanya mazoezi.

“Tutaendelea kuchukua tahadhari za kiafya ikiwemo kujifukiza, huku tukimuomba Mungu, huku unapiga zoezi la kulima mahindi na viazi ili ule vizuri ushibe, Corona ashindwe kuingia kwenye mwili wako, mtatishwa sana lakini simameni imara”, amesema Rais Magufuli.

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Iran House of Innovation, Tech. inaugurated in Nairobi



Iran House of Innovation, Tech. inaugurated in Nairobi

On Wednesday, the Iran House of Innovation of Technology in Kenya was inaugurated in the presence of Sorena Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology, Joseph Murchero, Kenyan Minister of ICT, as well as the Kenyan president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Located in the city of Nairobi, this center is supposed to act as a permanent base for Iran to facilitate the export of Iranian knowledge-based creative products and services in the East African market.

Speaking in this ceremony, Sorena Sattari spoke about Iran’s achievements in the field of medical equipment amid the Covid-19 pandemic, noting that in order to combat the virus, knowledge-based companies have succeeded in manufacturing hospital ventilators, home oxygenators, hospital oxygenators, vital signs monitor, pulse oximeters, non-contact digital thermometers, CT scan devices, etc.

“All of this progress has taken place at a time when my country, despite its goodwill towards the JCPOA, is enduring the harshest sanctions imposed by the United States”, he added.

“In recent years, we have witnessed significant growth in the fields of technology and innovation in our country. Iran’s global rank in science production has risen from 34th to16th and the first in the region”, he also said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he expressed hope that the Iran House of Innovation and Technology will become a turning point in bilateral economic cooperation between Iran and Kenya, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran fully supports technological cooperation between Iranian and Kenyan companies.


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