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Mother Arrested After Her 2 Sons Were Found Dead



  • A mother has been arrested after her two children were found dead at their farm in Gaturia, Nyeri County.

    Police in Mukurwe-ini stated that the mother failed to explain what had led to the death of her two children.

    The 28-year-old mother was promptly arrested as the key suspect in the deaths that shocked the neighborhood.

    A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.

    The incident was confirmed by Mukurwe-ini OCP Jessi Mwakiria who stated that officers had discovered the bodies of the two children aged between 7 and 10 in the family’s farm.

    The officers also found a trail of vomit next to the bodies, with Mwakiria noting that they were waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause of the death.

    In a similar incident, a woman was arrested in Nakuru County for reportedly killing one of her two children.

    Area Assistant Chief Rotich confirmed the incident stating that the 34-year-old woman was caught trying to flee with a new lover after long-standing difference with her husband.

    The woman reportedly hit her child in rage following a quarrel with the husband. She was taken to the Olenguruone Police Station.

    Cases of violence in families have been on the rise in the past few weeks. Recently, a university student was arrested for reportedly killing four of his family members and a construction worker.

    Lawrence Warunge, who was initially reported to be missing, became the key suspect after police officers tracked a signal to his ultimate hideout in Lower Kabete, Kiambu County and arrested him.

    The student confessed to the crime, with the postmortem results conducted by the Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor indicating that all the victims’ had stab wounds inflicted by the same weapon.

    A file image of officers ferrying a body from a residential area.
    A file image of officers ferrying a body from a residential area.
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    Matatu Operators Protest As KRA Goes After Fares



  • Matatu owners have protested what they term as unfair tax demand by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) even as the industry suffers from reduced income in collected fares. 

    KRA collects annual taxes from matatus per passenger seat but the matatus argue the arrangement should be adjusted to account for reduced seat capacity that has hit the sector since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

    Matatu Owners Association (MOA) Chairman Simon Kimutai argues that the authority has failed to consider the new seating arrangement by the vehicles that has led to a reduced number of passengers per trip.

    He was speaking after he forwarded a memorandum to KRA where he demanded a review of the advanced taxes.

    Matatu owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai (right) and National Co-ordinator Albert Karagacha arriving at Railways club in Nairobi on April 13,2016.
    Matatu owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai (right) and National Co-ordinator Albert Karagacha arriving at Railways club in Nairobi.

    “The KRA is still demanding Ksh720 per seat per year or Ksh10,080 for a 14-seater matatu whose capacity has been reduced to nine seats, while 41-seater buses that pay Ksh29,520 per annum have had their capacity reduced to 25 passengers,” he stated.

    Kimutai failed to understand why the government was charging tax per seat yet did not allow the vehicles to carry passengers to full capacity.

    “We did not mind paying taxes, but we wonder why we are being overlooked when other sectors have been given a reprieve,” he added.

    Kimutai explained that a 33-seater bus was carrying a maximum of 17 passengers and still paying Ksh23,760 per annum while 26-seaters which was now limited to 15 passengers, are still paying Ksh18,720 in advanced tax.

    In April, the government directed matatus to carry 60 percent of their capacities to allow social distancing among passengers.

    The industry has been experiencing huge losses as a result of the containment measures that also require them to provide sanitisers for passengers.

    They lamented that other transport sectors like the standard gauge railway and international flights had been allowed to carry to full capacity.

    “We have already attained all the requirements by the government and we wonder why we have not been allowed to operate full capacity like the other sectors,” Lower Eastern Transport Welfare Association chairman Onesmus Kyalo stated in a past interview.

    Matatus caught up ina traffic snarl-up at Tom Mboya street near Khoja/Old Mutual terminus
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    DCI Captures Ksh3.5M Bank Heist Suspect



  • Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have traced and arrested a suspect in connection to a robbery along Mombasa Road that led to the loss of Ksh3.5 million from a local bank.

    The suspect was traced to his home in Githunguri, Kiambu where he was arrested. 

    Authorities believe that the suspect disposed of the guns which had been taken from police officers guarding the bank. 

    Firearms recovered by detectives following the heist on Monday, January 18.
    Firearms recovered by detectives following the heist on Monday, January 18.

    Two pistols were found dumped outside Kiambu Hospital Gate on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

    “The firearms were dropped by a motorbike passenger at Kiambu Hospital’s Gate shortly before the motorbike disappeared into the darkness,” DCI George Kinoti said. 

    Police are yet to recover the motorbike which ferried the suspect to the scene where the guns were found. 

    The investigation is being conducted by a team of DCI detectives from the headquarters, Embakasi and Special Service Unit officers. 

    The arrest brings to four the number of suspects in police custody over the Monday afternoon robbery.

    The suspects in custody include the two police officers who were guarding the bank and a teller.

    The bank teller is expected to help DCI with insights on the heist which was conducted in broad daylight. 

    The robbery was staged in a way that even motorists who were driving in and out of the building did not suspect anything. 

    A private security guard sustained injuries on his right arm during the robbery. 

    DCI George Kinoti issuing a statement on Wednesday, December 2.
    DCI George Kinoti issuing a statement on Wednesday, December 2.
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    NMS to Open Newly Built Hospitals in 4 Nairobi Estates



  • The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) under General Mohamed Badi will open the first batch of the newly built hospitals in Nairobi estates in late January 2021. 

    NMS said that the first four of the 24 hospitals it constructed will be ready for use in Uthiru, Kiamaiko, Ushirika and Soweto-Kayole.

    The facilities are both Level 2 and Level 3 hospitals. 

    “Contractors are installing equipment. They will be ready next week. 

    An image of Terminus
    Hospital beds outside the Nairobi Green Park terminus dispensary.

    “We are finalising on the projects,” NMS Director of Health Services Dr Josephine Kibaru-Mbae said. 

    NMS further recruited 600 nurses who will be deployed to the 24 facilities which Badi hope will all be unveiled in 2021.

    The newly recruited health professionals and hospitals will clear the backlog of unattended patients in the county hospitals and the country’s referral Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). 

    “The nurses presented their documents for verification,  subsequent issuance of appointment letters,” NMS added on its website.

    NMS also opened a dispensary at Green Park Terminus at Nairobi Railways. Beds, heart rate monitors and sanitisers were installed to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

    The terminus will also include police post, restaurants, supermarket, modern ablution block, restrooms for motorists and commuters.

    Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko handed over health functions to the NMS in February 2020. President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the agency would ensure his Big 4 Agenda, Universal Health Care, was achieved. 

    An image of Dispensary
    A woman having her temperature checked at the Nairobi Green Park terminus dispensary.
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