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‘No mjolo in lockdown’ – Julius Malema wants dating, casual sex suspended



We’ve had Bheki Cele trying to get us in bed for 21:00, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma redefining what a beach is, and Ebrahim Patel introducing a cooked chicken ban during this pandemic. But could Julius Malema’s new directive – a suspension on ‘mjolo’ – be one of the whackiest proposals we’ve had yet?

No mjolo during COVID-19? EFF tackle ‘casual’ dating…

Juju delivered some stark, sobering messages during the EFF Presser on Thursday – so the tension was relieved massively when he delved into something that raised a snigger. Malema has implored citizens not to engage in ‘mjolo’ – dating and casual relationships, essentially – while coronavirus remains a threat in South Africa.

Of course, he wouldn’t be much of a politician if he didn’t devise some sort of ‘one rule for me, one for others’ approach. The EFF leader states that only married people – such as himself – are allowed to express intimacy during the pandemic.

Watch: Julius Malema demands suspension for ‘hook-ups’

“We cannot allow any visitors. No boyfriends, no girlfriends. You do not know where they have been. Only us married people are safe, because we know each other’s whereabouts. Stay at home, and there’s no mjolo – mjolo has been suspended, until after coronavirus!”

Julius Malema

EFF Presser on Thursday 14 January

Julius Malema’s tone lightened for a moment, but it didn’t stay that way. The 39-year-old used most of the media briefing to berate Cyril Ramaphosa and the wider pandemic response from the ANC. Malema rallied against the closure of 20 land borders this week, saying the decision was ‘racially’ motivated. He also mulled over some startling statistics. Protection Status

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Badi Announces Uber-like Tech to Fight Cartels



  • Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi has announced that a new app is in the works to curb cartels who have interfered with the consistent supply of water in the city.

    Speaking on Spice FM on Monday, January 25, Badi noted that the app was under development by the Ministry of Water.

    He further noted that the app was being developed to function like the taxi-hailing app Uber or Little in which customers would be shown all registered water bowsers and choose which one to buy from.

    He also noted that the app is being developed by the Ministry of Water after it ordered registration of all water bowsers and exhaust trucks in the city.

    The 22 NMS branded Water Bowsers and 5 Ambulances for use in serving Nairobians that were flagged off by President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 30, 2020.
    The 22 NMS branded Water Bowsers and 5 Ambulances for use in serving Nairobians that were flagged off by President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 30, 2020.

    “Nobody knew the number (of water browsers) that are in the city. We demanded that they get registered or lose licenses. Within that registration process, it was a must for you to indicated the place where you draw your water and the areas which you supply.

    “Before, they used to take city water free of charge and sell it to citizens. The Ministry of water now is developing an app where you will be able to order for these water bowsers just like Uber,” he stated.

    He further noted that the app will show the number of bowsers in the area and each individual information about the bowsers.

    “Once you decide what you need in your area, the app will show you the water bowsers in the area, where they collect water to ensure safety and the amount they have paid for that water.

    “It will also indicate to you the amount you are supposed to pay,” he added.

    During the interview, the NMS boss further noted that cartels had infiltrated other sectors of the county including the garbage collection department.

    He noted that some of the trucks filled stones in their trucks before adding a few layers of garbage that would seem heavier when measured hence more revenues for them.

    To rectify the situation, Badi, soon after he assumed office, cancelled all contracts that had been issued at the time and ordered for a fresh evaluation.

    NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi addresses the media in 2020
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    Asia & Americas

    Israel’s Mossad chief to meet Biden, set out conditions to reform Iran’s nuclear deal



    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will send Israel’s Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen to Washington next month to meet with US President Joe Biden in order to set Tel Aviv’s demands for reforming Iran’s nuclear deal, the Times of Israel reported yesterday.

    According to the Israeli newspaper, Israeli TV Channel 12 broke the news on Saturday night, adding that Cohen, a trusted Netanyahu ally, would be the first senior Israeli official to meet with Biden and the chief of the CIA.

    Israel is afraid that reviving Iran’s nuclear deal would help it enrich uranium and relieve its economy, the Israeli newspaper said.

    Channel 12 reported that Cohen will present Israel’s demands to Biden, which are: Iran must halt the enrichment of uranium, stop producing advanced centrifuges and cease supporting terror groups, foremost Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

    The demands also include ending Iran’s military presence in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, stopping “terror” activities against Israeli targets overseas and granting full access to the IAEA on all aspects of its nuclear programme.

    READ: Israeli officials concerned over Biden’s stance on Iran and Palestine

    Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the US administration would consult with Israel and other allies when it takes a decision to revive the nuclear deal with Iran.

    On Wednesday, Netanyahu urged Biden to work with Israel to deal with the “threat posed by Iran”.

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    HSE chief says testing of close contacts could resume this week



    Testing of close contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases could resume this week, the head of the HSE has said.

    Paul Reid said wider community testing can resume if there are several days in a row where the country has fewer than 2,000 cases confirmed per day.

    1,378 new cases of the virus were confirmed yesterday evening, the lowest number reported this month.

    It was the second day in a row where the number of cases fell below 2,000.

    The surge in cases during late December and early January meant the HSE and NPHET decided to halt testing of close contacts so the testing system could focus on people with symptoms. 

    On today’s Newstalk Breakfast, however, Mr Reid said they want to get back to testing all those close contacts as soon as possible.

    Critical care

    He said: “Thankfully, we saw yesterday again below 2,000 cases. If we start to see that as a trend for the next few days, we will be very anxious to get back testing all close contacts.

    “Later this week, if we get a consistent level below 2,000 each day this week… we want to get there as quickly as possible.”

    Mr Reid said there remains a ‘significant challenge’ in the hospital system, but the decisions made by critical care teams to manage care has ‘saved lives’.

    He said: “We’ve 25 ICU beds available on a national level. If we get to the 345 beds – which we now have open on our surge plan… it gets to the point that providing the levels of care want to do and always try to do becomes higher risk.”

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