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Presidency reacts to quit notice to Bishop Kukah by Muslim group in Sokoto



President Buhari’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, has described as ‘wrong calls by the Muslim Solidarity Forum in Sokoto State that Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah should apologize or leave Sokoto State over his alleged ” malicious vituperations against Islam and Muslims”.

The forum had enjoined Bishop Kukah to tender an unreserved apology to the Muslim Ummah over his Christmas message to Nigerians or leave Sokoto State.

But in response, Kukah had said he was ready to apologise if he is shown any part of his Christmas sermon that insulted Islam.

Reacting, Garba Shehu in a statement on Wednesday said that the reported ultimatum given by the group is wrong because it is not in line with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to him, under Nigeria’s constitution, every citizen has the right to, among others, freedom of speech and expression, the right to own property and reside in any part of the country, and the right to move freely without any inhibitions.

Shehu further urged Father Kukah to respect the feelings of his fellow Nigerians in his private and public utterances.

”The right for all religions to coexist is enshrined in this country’s Constitution. The duty of the government, more so, this democratic government, is to ensure that the Constitution is respected. But all must respect the rights and sensitivities of their fellow Nigerians.

”Father Kukah has greatly offended many with his controversial remarks against the government and the person of the President, with some even accusing him of voicing anti-Islamic rhetoric.

”On matters such as these, responsible leadership in any society must exercise restraint. Knee-jerk reactions will not only cause the fraying of enduring relationships, but also the evisceration of peaceful communities such as Sokoto, the headquarters of the Muslim community as beacon of pluralism and tolerance.

”The Sultanate has historically had good relations with followers of all faiths. That is why Father Kukah was received on his arrival in Sokoto with friendship and tolerance.

”Under our laws, groups or factions must not give quit notices, neither should they unilaterally sanction any perceived breaches. Where they occur, it is the courts of law that should adjudicate. Unilateral action is not the way to go.

”Groups such as the Muslim Solidarity Forum must be seen to share and uphold the country’s multi-religious principles. And individuals like Father Kukah must respect the feelings of his fellow Nigerians in his private and public utterances.”

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Court orders army, police to vacate Bobi Wine’s home



Security checking one of the vehicles in Magere

Security checking one of the vehicles in Magere

The High court in Kampala has ordered the security to vacate with immediate effect the home of National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine. 

Kyagulanyi and his wife Barbara Itungo have been restricted from leaving their house in Magere, Wakiso district since January 14 when Ugandans took to the polls to elect the president and members of parliament. The Electoral Commission later declared the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni with 59 per cent win followed by Kyagulanyi who obtained 35 per cent of the cast ballots.

The outgoing head of the Civil Division of High court justice Michael Elubu today ruled that the continued indefinite restriction and confinement of the couple at their home is unlawful and therefore infringes on their constitutional right to liberty. The ruling follows an application filed last week by Kyagulanyi’s lawyers led by Anthony Wameli the head of legal department at NUP.

Kyagulanyi through his lawyers had sued the attorney general, the chief of defense forces and the inspector general of police. The lawyers argued that the security operatives including police and the army have refused to leave the couple’s home at all. and that the commanding officers of the said security agencies have not given any reasons for the detention.

Court heard further that the couple has been held illegally and not allowed to access their lawyers, visitors, family or doctors which infringes on their right to liberty. As such, they asked court to order for the unconditional release of Kyagulanyi from his home where he was being confined, a place they said was not a gazetted place of detention.

But the respondents opposed the application arguing that Kyagulanyi previously flouted Covid-19 guidelines and also vowed to make Uganda ungovernable like Libya Iraq and Sudan. Therefore, according to the affidavit sworn by the director of operations in Uganda Police Force Edward Ochom, the security forces kept Kyagulanyi at his home to protect the property of the citizens and for his own good as well.

But in his ruling read to the parties in open court, justice Elubu dismissed the government’s defense, saying that if government had serious allegations against Kyagulanyi they needed to be dealt with by following due process.

According to the judge, due process here means that if Kyagulanyi had any offense that he had committed, he should have been arrested, taken to police and produced to any Magistrate’s court to be charged which has not been the case here.

“Having found as I do, the restrictions imposed on the applicant are unlawful. It is hereby ordered that they are lifted. Consequently, an order for the restoration of the personal liberty of the applicant hereby issues,” said Elubu in a ruling read on his behalf by the civil division registrar Jameson Karemani.

The judge has also noted that due to the increasing numbers of Covid-19 infection cases and the public health necessity, Kyagulanyi needs to comply with the standard operating procedures once his right to liberty is restored.

The court has also ordered the government to pay Kyagulanyi and his wife costs of the application for the violations of their constitutional rights.

Kyagulanyi’s lawyers led by George Musisi have welcomed the decision saying that it implies that the security that has been at Kyagulanyi’s home has to vacate immediately.

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Badi Announces Uber-like Tech to Fight Cartels



  • Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) boss Mohammed Badi has announced that a new app is in the works to curb cartels who have interfered with the consistent supply of water in the city.

    Speaking on Spice FM on Monday, January 25, Badi noted that the app was under development by the Ministry of Water.

    He further noted that the app was being developed to function like the taxi-hailing app Uber or Little in which customers would be shown all registered water bowsers and choose which one to buy from.

    He also noted that the app is being developed by the Ministry of Water after it ordered registration of all water bowsers and exhaust trucks in the city.

    The 22 NMS branded Water Bowsers and 5 Ambulances for use in serving Nairobians that were flagged off by President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 30, 2020.
    The 22 NMS branded Water Bowsers and 5 Ambulances for use in serving Nairobians that were flagged off by President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 30, 2020.

    “Nobody knew the number (of water browsers) that are in the city. We demanded that they get registered or lose licenses. Within that registration process, it was a must for you to indicated the place where you draw your water and the areas which you supply.

    “Before, they used to take city water free of charge and sell it to citizens. The Ministry of water now is developing an app where you will be able to order for these water bowsers just like Uber,” he stated.

    He further noted that the app will show the number of bowsers in the area and each individual information about the bowsers.

    “Once you decide what you need in your area, the app will show you the water bowsers in the area, where they collect water to ensure safety and the amount they have paid for that water.

    “It will also indicate to you the amount you are supposed to pay,” he added.

    During the interview, the NMS boss further noted that cartels had infiltrated other sectors of the county including the garbage collection department.

    He noted that some of the trucks filled stones in their trucks before adding a few layers of garbage that would seem heavier when measured hence more revenues for them.

    To rectify the situation, Badi, soon after he assumed office, cancelled all contracts that had been issued at the time and ordered for a fresh evaluation.

    NMS Director-General Mohamed Badi addresses the media in 2020
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    Watch: DD Mabuza ‘tried to warn Mpumalanga Premier’ about missing mask



    You know something has gone drastically wrong when David ‘DD’ Mabuza becomes the most responsible person in the room. The Deputy President was an unwitting key player in the drama surrounding the Mpumalanga Premier, after Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane failed to wear a mask during the funeral of Jackson Mthembu.

    Watch: David Mabuza’s desperate attempts to get the Mpumalanga Premier to wear her mask

    Her behaviour has been questioned over the past 24 hours, after she was seen hugging other attendees and interacting with guests, shunning any form of face-covering in the process. This constitutes a criminal act under our tough new lockdown rules, and despite the massive hint dropped by David Mabuza, Mtsweni-Tsipane didn’t clock-on:

    Eagle-eyed viewers spot ‘mask in hand’

    Another controversy that emerged yesterday was sparked by the official apology posted by the Mpumalanga Premier. She claimed that her mask had ‘slipped off her face without her knowledge’, after it was damaged. The tall tale hasn’t gone down well with a cynical public – and some viewers even spotted the mask in her hand:

    Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane: Bheki Cele fumes at Mpumalanga Premier

    The incident has essentially left Bheki Cele spitting feathers. The Police Minister, who prides himself on the tough enforcement of these emergency laws, was absolutely dismayed with the conduct he witnessed on Sunday:

    “If South Africa wants to beat this invisible enemy which is COVID-19, we simply can’t let our guard down. This is why I have spoken to the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, General Khehla Sitole to look into the matter of the Premier and an investigation must be conducted and necessary action must be taken.”

    “The wearing of a mask in public is mandatory for every person, under the adjusted alert Level 3 Lockdown regulations. Any person who fails to comply with a verbal instruction by a law enforcement officer, to wear a mask, commits an offence, and is, upon conviction, liable to a fine or a period of imprisonment, not exceeding six months or both.”

    Bheki Cele Protection Status

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