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See the Moment a Bubble Froze Into a Beautiful Sphere At Sunrise Creating a Natural Snow Globe



This is the moment a bubble froze into a perfect sphere during a recent sunrise, creating a natural snow globe.


The soapy orb turned into a pristine snow globe at the same time as a fisherman strode out over frozen waters.

Carol Bauer tiptoed about two feet out onto Big Stone Lake, Minnesota where the ice was about four inches thick, to get the shot.

The air temperature was around (8.6°F) -13°C and the wind low, so the conditions were perfect for bubbles to freeze over.

Carol blew air through a straw into a glass filled with water, liquid soap, and corn syrup to create the bubble, and perfectly captured the formation of ice crystals on its surface, turning it into a homemade snow globe.

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A fisherman walks behind the bubble, stepping out further onto the thin ice with a trailer filled with fishing gear.


Carol said the moment had a special meaning to her because her Dad recently passed away. “He had cabin on this lake for 25 years and fished in it many times.

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“My mind was on him that morning and then this fisherman comes along. He happened to be a fishing friend of my Dad’s whom I had not met before. He reminded me so much of my father. It kind of made my day.”

(WATCH the video of the ice bubble freezing in real-time below.)

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Uplifting News and Stories

Former White Supremacist Store and Klan Meeting Space is Being Turned Into a Community Center to Promote Healing



One of the surest ways to keep history from repeating itself is to shine a light in its darkest corners, and that’s exactly what 67-year-old Reverend David Kennedy has set out to do in the town of Laurens, South Carolina.

Reverend David Kennedy outside the Echo Theater

In 2019, Reverend Kennedy and local historian Regan Freeman founded the Echo Foundation. Its mission: transforming a symbol of racial inequality into an opportunity for reconciliation and education. Their target: the historically segregated Echo Theater, later home to a storefront, museum, and recruitment center dedicated to glorifying white supremacy known as the Redneck Shop.

“To be a Black person in America, I have too many stories to share that people wouldn’t believe,” Reverend Kennedy, told CNN. “Once you choose to speak out, people become fearful of us, and you have to be ready to sacrifice your mind, your heart, your soul, to tell the truth about history and what they did to our people. I was ready to make that sacrifice.”

Reverend Kennedy was instrumental in a lengthy legal battle to close the Redneck Shop. His story may seem familiar to you. The part of his saga that chronicles his outreach to a former foe was made into the 2018 film ‘Burden’.

John Howard and Michael Burden were co-owners of the Redneck Shop. When Burden broke from the ranks of the KKK, Reverend Kennedy offered sanctuary and spiritual succor to him and his family.

The Redneck Shop was closed by the courts in 2012. Rather than destroy its contents, many of the artifacts will be used as teaching points to engage in meaningful, transformative conversation about all-too-recent history.

So far, the Echo Project has raised close to $375,000 toward its goal of restoration and renaissance for the Echo Theater. In addition to the museum, the space will house community classrooms.

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“We don’t want to just have a museum to tell this story, the struggle for justice, and the fight against the Klan, but we also want to detail what happened here to make sure it never happens again,” Freeman told CNN. “The Echo Theater went from being a segregated movie theater to a literal Klan’s store to being in the possession of a Black minister, and it is about to become a place for reconciliation, justice, and healing.”

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If you’d like to donate to the Echo Project, you can head to the GoFundMe here.

(WATCH the video about the project below.)

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Uplifting News and Stories

Most Advanced Artificial Heart Approved for Sale in Europe, Raising Hopes for Those Awaiting Transplants



A French firm that has long been testing and refining an artificial heart is ready to begin sale of the device in the second quarter of 2021.

Aeson, by Carmat

Called the Aeson, the 900-gram device is powered by batteries and relies on sensors and biological materials to detect exactly which function it must perform at any given time.

The firm Carmat has been working on the Aeson for decades in response to rising rates of heart disease in France and across the world, which it estimates claims 26 million lives every year.

Organ donor rates in Europe are not enough to meet demand, and so the Aeson will really come into its own as another option for those on waiting lists for new hearts: helping a European demographic of about 2,000 people, estimates Carmat.

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“The idea behind this heart, which was born nearly 30 years ago, was to create a device which would replace heart transplants, a device that works physiologically like a human heart, one that’s pulsating, self-regulated and compatible with blood,” Stéphane Piat, Carmat’s CEO, told Reuters, according to France24.

A second chance

An Aeson will function for several years in patients. It works by attaching biological bits to its mechanical ones, and using batteries and actuator fluid to power the functions of a normal heart.

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A small discreet bag would contain a controller with lithium-ion batteries, as well as the fluid container, all weighting less than five kilograms.

One gentleman who received the Aeson in 2015 told reporters at the time that he “never felt so good.”

“I walk, I get up and I bend over 10 to 15 times a day, without any problem. I keep my balance. I’m not bothered. I don’t even think about it,” the 69-year old father of two told the JDD weekly.

Indeed the surgeon even said that the man had resumed riding bikes, and as a black belt judoka, even asked permission to resume martial arts.

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“As part of his rehabilitation, we made him do a number of physical activities such as riding an exercise bike, and when we last met, he told us ‘of course, I have a bike, a traditional bike and I ride but… don’t worry, I avoid big hills’,” he said.

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Uplifting News and Stories

Take This Test To See You if You Have a Face-Recognizing Superpower



If you find yourself doing double-takes at faces in crowds, you may have a strange and unique ability possessed by one person in three million—that of being a super-recognizer.

Like comic books superheroes, super-recognizers live among us, and a simple online test from the University of Greenwich can reveal whether or now you are one of them.

While admitting there is no single test that determines whether or not you’re a super-recognizer, researcher Dr. Josh P. Davis has at least made one that anyone can do, and that’s free and easy to take.

Trialists will see an image of a man for a few seconds, then they must select that his face from a lineup of people. The angle and the time when the two pictures were taken won’t always be the same, so it relies on a unique kind of memorization developed in the fusiform face area, part of the visual cortex.

If you score 10 of 14 or higher, you may be a super-recognizer, and additional tests are available if you want to pursue them.

Davis hopes to find these people in order to study their ability further, as they can have implications for law-enforcement curriculums.

Indeed, Andy Pope, a West-Midlands police officer is a super-recognizer, and his talents have led to 2,100 arrests for perpetrators of various crimes, including 16 in one day, and of those wearing face masks. He has earned the nickname “Memory Cop” for obvious reasons.

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The super-recognizer, who says his skill is “impossible to explain” but credits “instinct” for usually being right, spotted 1,000 offenders between 2012 and 2018.

If you’re interested in taking Davis’ five-minute test, you can find it here.

Editor’s note: The author of this story scored 10 out of 14, can you do better?

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