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Trump asema hatahudhuria kuapishwa kwa Biden



Rais wa Marekani Donald Trump anayeondoka madarakani, amesema hatahudhuria sherehe za kuapishwa kwa rais mpya Joe Biden hapo tarehe 20 ya mwezi huu.

Trump amesema hayo wakati ambapo taarifa za vyombo vya habari nchini Marekani zimeashiria uwezekano wa rais huyo kukabiliwa na mashtaka kwa mara ya pili juu ya kumwondoa madarakani baada ya wafuasi wake kulivamia bunge na kufanya fujo.  Uamuzi wa Trump unakingamana na kauli aliyotoa hapo awali juu ya kuhakikisha mchakato wa kukabidhi madaraka kwa amani. Hata hivyo rais mteule Joe Biden amesema uamuzi huo wa Trump ni jambo zuri kwake.

Shirika la habari la Reuters limekinukuu chanzo katika utawala wa Trump kilichotoa taarifa kwamba huenda rais huyo anayemaliza muda wake ataondoka kutoka kwenye Ikulu siku moja kabla ya sherehe za kuapishwa rais mpya wa Marekani na atelekea katika nyumba yake ya mapumziko jijini Florida.

Wabunge wanatarajiwa kujadili hatua za kuwasilisha nakala za mashtaka kwa Baraza la Wawakilishi kwa ajili ya kupiga kura juu ya madai dhidi ya rais Trump ya kuwachochea waandamanaji waliolivamia jengo la bunge la Marekani. Msemaji wa Ikulu, Judd Deere alijibu haraka kwamba kumfungulia mashtaka rais Trump wakati ambapo zimebakia siku 11 tu kabla ya kumalizika kipindi chake cha urais ni hatua itakayoitumbukiza zaidi nchi hiyo katika migawanyiko.

Wakati huo huo wabunge wa vyama vyote viwili pamoja na viongozi waandamizi katika utawala wa rais huyo wameanza mazungumzo juu ya kumwondoa madarakani. Spika wa bunge Nancy Pelosi amesema Baraza la Wawakilishi liko tayari kuchukua hatua ikiwa Makamu wa Rais Mike Pence hatakuwa tayari kuitumia sehemu ya 4 kwa mujibu wa kipengele cha 25 cha katiba ya Marekani kinachomruhusu makamu wa rais kuchukua hatua hiyo ikiwa rais ameshindwa kuyatimiza majukumu yake. 

Pelosi amesema wanaweza kupiga kura juu ya kuondolewa Trump ofisini wiki ijayo. Amesema ikiwa Trump hataondolewa kwa njia hiyo bunge litajaribu kwa mara ya pili kumfungulia mashtaka juu ya kumwondoa madarakani.  Spika Pelosi moja kwa moja amemlaumu raisTrump kwa kuchochea alichoita uasi wa kutumia nguvu dhidi ya Marekani.

Wakati huo huo idara ya sheria imetangaza kuwa imewafungulia mashtaka watu 15 waliohusika katika vurugu hizo, pamoja na mtu mmoja anayetuhumiwa kuwa na mabomu yakujitengenezea nyumbani. Rais analaumiwa kwa kuwachochea wafuasi wake na amekosolewa kwa kushindwa kulaani vurugu hizo kwa wakati na badala yake alionekana kutetea fujo zilizofanywa na wafuasi wakehao.

Licha ya Trump kusema hatahudhuria sherehe za kuapishwa rais ajae Joe Biden hapo Januari 20, Makamu wa Rais Mike Pence anatarajiwa kuhudhuria hafla hiyo.

Trump atakuwa rais wa kwanza aliye madarakani kukosa kuhudhuria hafla ya kuapishwa rais mpya wa Marekani tangu wakati wa aliyekuwa rais wa 17 wa Marekani Andrew Johnson. Ni jadi ya Marekani kwa rais anayeingia na yule anayeondoka kuhudhuria sherehe za kuapishwa pamoja ikiwa ni ya kukabidhiana madaraka kwa amani katika taifa hilo kubwa.

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SA news on 25 Jan: ‘Earthquake off SW coast’ – and six other major stories



After a busy weekend, we’re beginning a new week in lockdown. But there’s plenty to sink your teeth into on Monday 25 January, and the news comes thick and fast this morning. Gwede Mantashe stands accused of money laundering, Cyril Ramaphosa has promised a new ‘basic income grant’ for SA, and… an off-shore earthquake has been reported.


Earthquake may send ripples to South Africa

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake was registered off the south-western coast of South Africa on Sunday – but it’s unlikely to have a serious impact on our shores. That’s because the epicentre was 2 000km away, towards the Antarctic. But with SA being the nearest other landmass, the seismic shift could trigger some gnarly waves. Not that surfers can enjoy them…

Presidential news: Cyril Ramaphosa reveals Lekgotla resolutions

Basic income grants, COVID responses, and a clearer immigration strategy dominated the Lekgotla talks:

“The lekgotla has agreed that, in the context of the continuing COVID pandemic, we need to consider the extension of basic income relief to unemployed people who do not receive any other form of state assistance. An important decision of this Lekgotla is to convene an Economic Summit that critically looks at what COVID has accentuated poverty.”

“The lekgotla recognised that a coherent, integrated and efficient approach to immigration and border management is important for economic development and social stability. Immigration laws need to be implemented more rigorously and consistently, in line with our Constitution and international commitments and in pursuit of our national interests.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

Tropical Storm Eloise forces ‘Level 10 weather warnings’

On Sunday afternoon, a statement from the meteorological authority explained that Limpopo and Mpumalanga are in for a rough ride over the next couple of days, due to the impact of Tropical Storm Eloise.

The Level 10 weather warning came into effect from 13:00, and is likely to remain until 23:00 on Monday. SAWS warn that there will be a ‘serious strain’ on the emergency services during this time.

Premier problems for Mpumalanga’s maskless mourner

Police Minister Bheki Cele has revealed that he is ‘concerned’ about the behaviour of Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane, after she attended the funeral of Jackson Mthembu without wearing a mask. Her conduct enraged South Africa’s online community, and a SAPS investigation will now take place.

On Sunday evening, SAPS confirmed that the wearing of a mask in a public place is non-negotiable. However, Bheki Cele also stressed that those who fail to wear a mask upon verbal instruction could face a stint in jail.

AfriForum has launched an urgent court application this weekend, as they aim to force through the use of Ivermectin – which, according to some studies, can slash COVID-19 death rates by over 80%. The lobby group believes that the time has now come to weigh ‘risk against reward’, and they want to see the drug fast-tracked towards approval.

Gwede Mantashe’s money laundering woes

Gwede Mantashe‘s alleged links to a money laundering venture have been slammed by the DA on Sunday. Shadow Minister Kevin Mileham, whose portfolio includes mining and energy, believes that President Ramaphosa ‘would be doing South Africa a great service’ if he were to remove his ANC colleague from office.

Media reports on Sunday state that the Gwede Mantashe Foundation has been complicit in a scheme involving several subsidiary companies. The minister’s wife is also thought to be benefiting irregularly from a government contract. The fresh allegations weave a rich tapestry of intrigue and financial misgivings.

Lil Wayne thanks Trump for pardon – with a new song

Aye, nothing says ‘cool anti-establishment artist’ quite like thanking a president for his work…

Rapper Lil Wayne has dropped his first song since being pardoned by Donald Trump on Thursday 21 January. The former US president pardoned more than 100 people during his last day in office on Tuesday 19 January 2021, including the 38-year-old rap star, who had pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a loaded weapon on a private jet.


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Free daily horoscope, celeb gossip and lucky numbers for Monday 25 January. Protection Status

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US President Joe Biden set to impose ‘travel ban’ from South Africa



Newly elected US President Joe Biden is set to introduce a sweeping set of changes, which will radically alter America’s current strategy for tackling coronavirus. It’s understood that a whole host of countries will face tougher restrictions when travelling stateside – but practically anyone coming from South Africa will be subject to an outright ‘travel ban’.

As reported by Reuters, the new measures will prevent ‘nearly every non-US citizen’ from entering the vast nation, if they have recently passed through SA beforehand.

Visitors from South Africa set for ‘US travel ban’

The new variant of COVID-19, which originated in Mzansi, is causing all sorts of headaches for scientists. There’s a growing belief that this strain has mutated so much, the current crop of vaccines won’t be able to kill the virus. Preliminary studies show that these shots can be ‘50% less effective’ when tackling the 501Y.V2 variant.

Joe Biden and his colleagues will, therefore, pursue the following actions on implementing tactical travel bans:

  • ‘Almost all’ non-US citizens who’ve recently been in South Africa will be banned from entering America.
  • A further entry ban is planned for travelers who have been in Brazil, the UK, Ireland, and any of the 26 EU nations. New strains from Brazil and the UK are largely to blame for these impending restrictions.
  • The South African variant has not yet been found in the United States – but Biden is seeking a quick response.
  • The first of these measures will come into effect on Monday, with the SA-centric laws enforced by Saturday.

Joe Biden cracks down on open borders

Dr. Anne Schuchat is a senior official for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She made it clear that the spread of the new variant – which is now present in at least 20 other countries – poses a serious risk for America, too:

“We are adding South Africa to the restricted [travel ban] list because of the concerning variant present that has already spread beyond South Africa. The agency is putting in place this suite of measures to protect Americans and also to reduce the risk of these variants spreading and worsening the current pandemic.”

Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director, on the US travel ban Protection Status

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