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Watu 80 wamekufa kufuatia mauaji mapya ya halaiki Ethiopia



Tume ya taifa ya kutetea haki za binadamu nchini Ethiopia imesema jana kwamba imepata taarifa kuwa raia 80 waliuawa siku ya Jumanne. 

Mauaji hayo ya halaiki ya hivi karibuni yamefanyika katika jimbo la Benishangul-Gumuz magharibi mwa taifa hilo. Shirika la utangazaji linalomilikiwa na serikali liliripoti kwamba zaidi ya watu 100 waliuawa. 

Kulingana na walioshuhudia tukio hilo na kuzungumza na shirika hilo la utangazaji wengi wa waliouawa ni wanawake na watoto. Mshauri mkuu katika tume ya kutetea haki za binadamu Ethiopia Aaron Maasho amesema ni sharti mauaji hayo ya kusikitisha yakomeshwe. 

Tume hiyo imetoa wito kwa maafisa wa serikali ya shirikisho na pia wa jimbo kuimarisha usalama katika eneo hilo. Mwezi uliopita, zaidi ya watu 100 waliuawa katika eneo la Metekel, siku moja tu baada ya Waziri Mkuu Abiy Ahmed kuzuru eneo hilo.

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Zarif stresses respecting intl. law, minorities rights



Zarif stresses respecting intl. law, minorities rights

Mohammad Javad Zarif, who arrived in Yerevan for the third destination of his trip to the region today, met and held talks with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

“Armenia is a very good neighbor of the Islamic Republic of Iran and our relations are very close. You are highly respected in Iran,” Zarif said.

“We have common regional concerns with your country, and we have been in contact with you and other countries in the region since the recent conflict, and we are interested in continuing the contacts for the future of cooperation and peace in the region,” he added.

Iranian foreign minister highlighted, “Respecting international law and the protection of the people, respecting the rights of minorities and territorial integrity, and not resorting to force are the main and strategic positions of our foreign policy.”

“Iranian Leader stressed the need for a dignified life with security for all Armenians in the region,” he added, saying, “We also host a large number of Armenian compatriots and we have a long-standing relationship with them and we insist on this principle.”

Iranian Foreign Minister had previously met with his Armenian counterpart Ara Aivazian.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the latest regional issues, as well as bilateral cooperation.


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Service Chiefs: Northern Governors sue for cooperation of Nigerians



A civil society organisation, the Competent Governance for Accountability and Civic Trust (CGACT), has described as misleading and unfounded the allegations that Edwin Ogidi Gbegbaje, the Permanent Secretary and Directorate of Protocol Delta State Government House, Asaba, singlehandedly performed the functions of MDAs.

The CSO said the allegation flying about is geared towards defaming the officer, based on its findings.

The group said that these allegations against the Perm. Sec. include, painting of two buildings at the VVIP Guest House, Asaba, purchase of 30 hampers, furnishing of Governor’s Office Annex, Warri, furnishing of the Office of Her Excellency, wife of the Executive Governor, purchase of ‘golden spoons’ for godfathers and procurement of DICENTIS Wireless Conference System microphone (BOSCH).

CGACT pointed to the fact that there are procedures in awarding Government contract at all levels of Government, be it, Local, State or Federal which include that all contracts have to go through Government bureaucracy.

“It’s apparent that there are some disgruntled officials within the Government house who are working against the interest of the State who is trying to take advantage of gullible/lazy individuals, who find it difficult to make their own findings on an issue,” a statement signed by Amb. Godwin Erheriene, the group convener said.

“However, we all know the protocols in Government, as Permanent Secretary in MDAs are the accounting officers and required by rules to sign cheque and disburse funds.

“The Permanent Secretary do not have the requisite prerequisite to approve project neither do the office draw up Bill Of Quantities (BOQs)/Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME) all this requires the inputs and reports from respective MDAs as the case may be: the State Executive Council, His Excellency, the Governor, His Excellency, the Deputy Governor, Honourable Commissioner and the Secretary to the State Government.

“Furthermore, Certificate of completion of works for the project must be issued by the affected MDA or Audit Certificate issued by the Office of the Auditor-General (State), for procurements made.

“This being the case, how then can the office of the Permanent Secretary and Directorate of Protocol, single-handedly carry out all these activities being arrogated to him?

Debunking the allegation that the VVIP jobs were not fully executed and monies stolen, CGACT said its findings showed that the property renovation works were done out by contract with inputs from Ministry of Housing and the State Fire Service.

The CSO said that it findings also showed that job assessments and certificates of job completion were issued by the appropriate MDA, a thorough research has been carried out in this regard.

“Leaks do unmitigated damage to Government and are the easiest way to destroy the reputation of persons. The report published is so amateur and has failed to impress the public, except the gullible ones. They are deliberate attempt to achieve a purpose.

“The State Government must take care of its backyard because that is where most damaging leaks come from.”

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Journalists Cautioned Against Hustler & Dynasty Slogans



  • Journalists have been urged to refrain from publishing inflammatory and divisive slogans that have the potential of causing divisions in the country.

    In a sensitisation meeting with scribes on January 27, 2021, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) appealed to the media to desist from being used by politicians as a channel to advance divisive politics.

    NCIC Commissioner Phillip Okundi stated that the hustler and dynasty slogans as peddled by politicians in the country are a threat to the peace and calm enjoyed by the people.

    “You people should not be used by anybody to try and write things that will cause violence amongst our people,” Okundi urged.

    NCIC Commissioner Phillip Okundi and Dorcas Kedogo addressing the media on October 28, 2020.
    NCIC Commissioner Phillip Okundi and Dorcas Kedogo addressing the media on October 28, 2020.

    He further stated that the narrative of dynasties and hustlers, ‘the haves and have nots’ had been used to divide people in political scenes worldwide for a long time.

    “We should not use such terms, taking them to heart and trying to arouse unnecessary feelings which would make us work against Kenyans who deserve to live peaceful lives,” Okundi remarked.

    The NCIC commissioner cautioned politicians in the country against using the hustlers and dynasties slogans in campaigns, as they are likely to create a toxic rift between members of the public.

    Onkundi reiterated that scribes should not be used to champion certain political beliefs and ideologies especially at a time when the country inches closer to the 2022 general elections.

    NCIC Commissioner Dorcas Kedogo urged members of the public to shun divisive politics and embrace each other regardless of the disparities in social class.

    The call by NCIC comes at the back of the political tension brewing in the country pitting supporters of Deputy President William Ruto against proponents of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga.

    The NCIC has in the past expressed its belief in the power of the media in creating and advancing social change.

    In a press in Nandi County on October 28, 2020, Okundi had urged journalists be at the forefront in enlightening members of the public on matters cohesion and the understanding of national values as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution

    “I’d like the media to be champions of peace by being objective in their reporting and not igniting the masses negatively through malicious and sensational print or broadcast material,” Okundi had stated.

    “I call upon the media to be principled and observe code of ethics as they report on issues that are conflictual and should not take sides to attract sales,” Kedogo had on her part urged.

    Microphones set up for a press conference in Nairobi on Thursday, February 20, 2020.
    Microphones set up for a press conference in Nairobi on Thursday, February 20, 2020.
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