Kenya Railways Key Nairobi Route Disrupted


  • Kenya Railways announced, on Tuesday morning, February 16,  that one of its busy routes in Nairobi has been disrupted following an incident on the railway track.   

    In a statement, the corporation said that there a tree fell blocking the railway track at Nairobi West.

    “There was some damage on the track. Our mechanical teams are already on site rectifying the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience caused,” KR wrote on Twitter.

    A train pictured on the NCPB Kisumu railway line in July 2020.
    A train pictured on the NCPB Kisumu railway line in July 2020.
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    At the same time, KR has informed commuters that there will a 15-minute increase in transit time on the Nairobi-Syokimau route following scheduled maintenance of the DMU trains. 

    “We wish to bring to your attention that due to scheduled maintanance of the DMUs, the normal commuter train will service the Nairobi-Syokimau route.”

    The commute service provider regretted any inconveniences caused and stated that it would communicate once the services returned to normal.

    The announcements came just days after commuters were left stranded due to lack of a train along the Dagoretti route for two days.

    “Actually there was a train derailment at this particular line but our engineers and staff were working to sort out the issue,” the agency disclosed.

    Although many train derailments are minor, all of them result in a temporary disruption of operations of the railway system. 

    Usually, the derailment of a train can be caused by a collision with another object, an operational error, the mechanical failure of tracks, such as broken rails, or the mechanical failure of the wheels.

    Passengers inside the new Nairobi Commuter trains
    Passengers inside the new Nairobi Commuter trains
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