SA company lauded for safe transport solution of COVID-19 vaccines


South African company Renergen has developed Cryo-Vacc, which ultimately enables the safe transportation of COVID-19 vaccines at the required extremely low temperatures. More than that, it can safely store vaccines for periods of up to 30 days without the need for any power supply. Renergen, according to its website, is an emerging helium and domestic natural gas producer. 


Renergen has found a great solution to a challenge. As many of us now know, the COVID-19 vaccine requires strict and consistent temperature-controlled packaging during transportation and the Cyro-Vacc is here to help. 

Cyro-Vacc is essentially an aluminium case that is powered by Helium. It’s able to safely transport a minimum of 100 doses and has an adjustable temperature of –70 degrees Celsius to -150 degrees Celsius. 

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Biologics and vaccines can therefore be transported for up to 30 days, without the temperature being affected. It also protects the COVID-19 vaccines from light exposure. 

“With the Renergen Cryo-Vacc, transportation of these vaccines can be achieved in a cost-effective manner, given the relatively small size and weight. Depending on where and how the helium is sourced, the operating cost of the case should be under US$3 per month for each dose,” Renergen said. 


South Africa has secured 20-million Pfizer vaccines, however, there are concerns regarding the maintenance of the COVID-19 vaccine’s ultra-cold storage temperature and ensuring it doesn’t change during transportation. 

Renergen said the Cryo-Vacc can solve the following challenges;  

  • Pharmaceutical companies have unique complex supply chain requirements. Typically the delivery of biologics and vaccines require a number of handoffs from the manufacturing site, storage depots, and various modes of transport, to reach the ultimate destination;
  • Provides control over the integrity of the doses, with regards to temperature monitoring is difficult to manage and control and even more so in remote areas;
  • GPS-enabled temperature sensors, to track location and monitor temperature remotely; and 
  • More and more clinical trials will require the delivery of temperature-sensitive drugs in the future. The Renergen Cryo-Vacc, can be used to transport not only the COVID-19 vaccine, but other vaccines and biologics as well. Protection Status

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