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    3,000 Mombasa Residents Risk Losing Multi-Million Properties


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  • Close to 3,500 residents in Mombasa City have been put on notice by the County government and risk losing their multi-million properties.

    The government published the names of all the defaulters in a notice carried in one of the local dailies accusing the residents of defaulting in their land rates remissions.

    In the 11-page document, the county government led by Governor Hassan Joho further issued a March 31, 2021 deadline for the defaulters to settle their arrears.

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    “For the efficient land rate management, payment and verification of ownership records as captured by County Government of Mombasa, the land rate defaulters are hereby directed to pay all their dues by March 31, 2021,” read the notice in part.

    Landmark tusks in Mombasa
    Landmark tusks in Mombasa.

    The county government outlined a number of penalties for those who fail to remit, including the repossession and auction of their properties.

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    Other punishments included initiation of recovery through legal proceedings, cancellations of permits issued to individuals as well as withdrawal of any development approvals until full payments of the rates are made.

    The notice listed the annual rates expected from individuals as well as the rent arrears they had accrued over the years.

    One developer whose annual rates average Ksh77,000 was listed as having accumulated a Ksh41 million debt while another individual had defaulted up to Ksh21 million.

    From the notice, all the listed defaulters owe the county government at least Ksh1 million each. 

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    This comes after reports indicated that land rates tripled along the Kenol-Sagana-Nyeri road into a dual carriageway that is being expanded at a cost of Ksh14 billion.

    The route is being expanded to ease the movement of goods from the Port of Mombasa to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

    The changes affect operations from Mombasa Port and its environs.

    A bulldozer demolishes houses in Kisumu County
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