• Known for his philanthropic nature, Deputy President, William Ruto, has come to the rescue of a number of families in the course of his tenure as the second in command. 

    Apart from the millions donated in churches, Ruto extends his generosity to families that have gone through various tragedies. Muhabarishaji.com samples five times the DP came to the aid of kids after being touched by their plight.

    Two Abandoned Girls

    An unfortunate case of two abandoned girls caught Ruto’s attention as he was attending a Sunday service at African Independent Pentecostal  Church of Africa (AIPCA) Gathaini Church in September 2021.

    Deputy President Addressing Residents In Laikipia on Tuesday December 7 , 2021
    Deputy President Addressing Residents In Laikipia on Tuesday, December 7 , 2021
    DP Ruto Twitter Page

    The DP learnt that the father of the girls had passed away and their mother was unable to meet the children’s needs. The two children were taken in by police officers who offered them shelter at the minor’s care unit.   

    The children’s dire situation prompted Ruto to donate Ksh1 million to cater towards relocating the family to an affordable house. 


    A nine-year-old child warmed the DP’s heart after she recited a poem for him in Kandara, Murang’a County in July 2020. After reciting the poem, Ruto accorded Abilasha a chance to share her struggle which entailed lack of school fees to study at Bombolulu primary school.

    The DP promised to change their lives and later awarded them a brand new vehicle to be used as a taxi. Further, Abilasha and her mother, Mary Wambui, were invited to the DP’s office in Karen where the nine-year-old recited another poem.

    Nadia Cherono

    Ruto hit the headlines in 2015 when he adopted a young girl named Nadia who had been abandoned at a tender age.

    The DP expressed his sympathy for the girl noting that she had been buried alive when she was a new born. Ruto adopted the young girl and renamed her Nadia Cherono after his mother. He affirmed that Nadia would be part of his family.

    Ambrose Mwendwa

    The second in command came to the rescue of the family of a 19-year-old teenager after their kin passed away in Russia. The family had sought help in order to repatriate the body of their kin to give him a decent send-off.

    The deceased’s father, noted that the expenses were too costly to raise hence urged the government to aid them in bringing back their kin’s body.

    The family’s plight was aired on Citizen TV on a special feature on prime time news. Ruto alongside former Machakos senator Johnstone Muthama reached out to the family and donated Ksh300,000 and Ksh22,000 respectively. 

    Teresia Wakinyua and James Mwangi

    Two children, Teresia Wakinyua and James Mwangi became the talk of town in October 2020 after the two were captured fighting on the number of pencils and erasers they should buy.

    After the video went viral, the two kids got a chance to meet Ruto at his Karen office. The DP noted that the two kids reminded him of his childhood days – where most had the challenge of budgeting for the little they had due to many problems. Alluding to their plight, Ruto gifted their parents a 500-chicken farm as a lucrative business venture to sustain the family’s needs.

    William Ruto met Teresia Wakinyua and James Mwangi ,who went viral after fighting over a pencil.
    William Ruto met Teresia Wakinyua and James Mwangi ,who went viral after fighting over a pencil.
    armed armed fight
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