50 Cent’s Acquires $1.5 Million “Jet Car”

50 Cent is one of hip-hop’s biggest automobile enthusiasts, giving a slew of magnificent and powerful vehicles to DJ Envy’s upcoming car show, which will compete fiercely with Rick Ross’ own event.

However, his most recent purported acquisition may surpass them all. Furthermore, SuperCarBlondie revealed that Fif paid a whopping $1.5 million for the White Lightning Jet Car, and the hefty price tag isn’t just for show. In reality, the Parker Brothers created the whip from scratch, drawing influence from Formula 1. According to claims, it can reach more than 400 horsepower and travel at speeds of up to 250 mph on the street.

Considering the G-Unit mogul’s insane portfolio, it’s crazy to think that this is just a hobby for him at this point, albeit a passionate one. Apparently, he actually brought things down a notch when it comes to his crazy purchases. “The stuff that they see that I’ve learned, it kinda kept me out of trouble at points,” 50 Cent told Ari Melber. “The stuff I was saying in the music in the very beginning, I was crazy to tell you the truth, Ari. I was absolutely crazy at that point.”

50 Cent’s New “Jet Car”

In addition to his musical ventures, entertainment empire, and social media presence, 50 Cent is also looking forward to his upcoming tour. However, during a recent Instagram Live session with fans, he suggested that “The Final Lap” might be a literal title for his tour after all. While it will commemorate the 20th anniversary of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, it seems like it will be his farewell trek. Still, the Queens legend said he sold 500,000 tickets in seven days, so in any case, it’ll be a successful and fulfilling last ride.

“Because ticket sales are doing so well, they’re adding new markets,” he told fans. “So the U.K., North America and possibly Australia will be in there. I gotta get to Africa, I got a lot of spots I gotta hit before I be done, because this is the Final Lap Tour. I won’t be running around like this no more, I gotta do my film and television stuff. Got a lot of other things going on behind the scenes that I gotta work on, so I won’t be out touring as much as I’ve been touring. I’m having fun this time because it’s set up to enjoy myself, we not feeling pressure.”


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