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Bored of the same old oral sex positions for giving blow jobs and licking someone out? Shake things up next time you go down with these innovative oral ideas from sex educator Alix Fox, ambassador for luxury intimate sex toy brand Tenga.



Anyone for Quims & lemonade?! This is a great move to pull out of the basket if you want to give your partner an oral experience that’s intense in terms of varied, exciting sensations, but also supremely relaxing and physically unchallenging for both of you: no-one’s enjoyment is – ahem – hampered by having to pretzel themselves into complicated, hard-to-sustain poses, and it’s easy for the giver to take an anti-jaw-ache break whenever they need. It suits all genders and most body types: a real blanket approach!

Oral sex positions - Best oral sex positions

Oral sex position, The PicnicISSY MUIR

How to do it: Spread a soft throw on the floor, and ask the receiver to lay down on their back, using cushions to get cosy if they need. Place a blindfold over their eyes for an added sensory surprise. If you wish, amp up the escapism and sense of total immersion by fitting headphones, and playing the soundtrack from a sexually charged movie, or a recording of rain, the ocean, or a crackling fire – the ‘Soundscapes’ available on meditation app Headspace are ideal.

Next, spread out your banquet of delicious goodies: lubricants to drizzle (my current flavoured fave is System Jo Candy Shop Butterscotch); sex toys to tease; a cold metal chain necklace chilled in the fridge to be trailed down thighs (provided it won’t snag hairs) or wound around nipples; a pair of silky knickers or a satin dressing gown tie to smooth across skin… a buffet of items with which to create different sensations in between kissing, licking and sucking.

If your playmate’s a penis owner, check out the range of Tenga Spinner ‘stroker sleeves’: soft, stretchy cylinders that you lube up then slip onto an erection, before gripping your palm around them and sliding them up and down, just like you were giving a hand job. Each one has a different stimulating texture inside, to stroke against the shaft and head, and contains a clever core made of rigid plastic, which makes the toy automatically spin in a corkscrew motion as you move it.

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The sensation is kinda like amped-up oral, with a (literal) twist – and it’s a clever way of giving a ‘faux blow’ without having to use your mouth. One mate described the feeling as being “like an awesome BJ, but remixed.” Mega-mix things further by using lubricants of different viscosities, to make the internal ridges feel more grippy, slippy or defined against the skin – a true connoisseur flourish.


This pose is superb for ‘switches’: people who like to flit between being dominant and submissive during sex.

How to do it: The receiver sits on a chair, thighs spread, and the giver kneels at their feet, as though in prayer. If the giver’s feeling subby, their wrists can be handcuffed to the legs of the chair; this means they can’t use their fingers to stimulate either their partner or themselves, and must rely entirely on oral skills alone. The receiver should make sure they appreciate their pet’s hard work and let them take a breather if they need by allowing them to rest their head on their master’s thigh for a moment while their hair is tenderly stroked, and they are praised for their dedicated service.

oral sex positions   best oral sex positions

Oral sex position, The Chair and PrayerISSY MUIR

Alternatively, roles can be reversed by tying the receiver to the back of the chair. Try moving the chair to different rooms; positioning it in front of a mirror; or placing it in the centre of the space, shackling the submissive partner in place, then walking around them, appraising and commanding – you can easily create a heightened sense of ritualistic drama and anticipation.


Another perfect oral sex position for power play fans, this one gives the receiver all the control. Both barrels.

How to do it: First, the receiver lays on their back, with their knees bent upwards. The giver gets on all fours, facing them, resting on their elbows rather than their hands, and with their head between their lover’s legs.

Oral sex positions - Best oral sex positions

Oral sex positions, The Lock and StockISSY MUIRA

The receiver then clamps their thighs together to ‘lock’ their partner’s head between them, and holds their wrists, as though in ‘stocks’. They can choose to grip the giver’s face in place while they’re licking and sucking them, so they can’t stop (boundaries, consent and safety signals having been clearly discussed in advance, of course); or instead to hold their head tantalisingly, excruciatingly out of reach of their beautiful vulva/cock, until they beg for a taste.


It’s easy to see why the concept of ‘facesitting’ appeals to so many: the sitter gets to feel powerfully dominant, and savour maximum face-to-special-place contact, while for the person whose chops are being straddled like a saddle and ridden like a rodeo bull, it can be the ultimate in submission, and feeling totally enveloped in the warmth, taste and scent of a lover’s vulva can be a particularly head-swimmingly heady way to give head.

But for others, it’s precisely all these extreme elements that make facesitting sit less comfortably with them. Would-be-sitters fret that they’re going to squash or asphyxiate their partner, while would-be-sat-uponners worry about feeling claustrophpbic and vulnerable. The Babysitter offers a less full-on way to more gently experiment with this act, rather than totally sitting it out.

Oral sex positions - Best oral sex positions

Oral sex position, The BabysitterISSY MUIR

How to do it: The giver lays on their back on the bed, and the receiver kneels with their knees either side of their lover’s head, facing forwards. Then, instead of – for want of a better term – faceplanting themselves down fully, they hover over the giver’s mouth so they can delicately tease them with their breath. When the giver is ready, they can use their hands to pull down on their partner’s thighs and guide them towards their mouth and tongue, pushing back up when they need to catch their breath. The Babysitter is all about slow, light movements and the giver feeling reassuringly in control.

Leaning forward and holding onto the headboard can give the receiver more stability, while kneeling on pillows helps take strain off the knees, and lifts the foof further away from the face so no-one gets muffled by muff until they wish to be. A pal who recently became a mum found that those horseshoe-shaped pregnancy pillows serve excellent double duty in this pose!


A shared shower is the ideal spot for beginners to venture into analingus, ass licking or rimming. Take your time to sensuously soap and rinse your partner’s ass first, so there are no nerves from either party about cleanliness, then get them to face the wall and part their legs while you slide down and squat behind them. If the shower has a removable head, have them hold it and direct it against their nipples for extra stimulation (or their clit/penis if they can manage to angle the spray so it doesn’t jet straight through their thighs and into your eyes!).

Oral sex positions - Best oral sex positions

Oral sex position, The Watering HoleISSY MUIR

Don’t just dart your tongue straight into their butt hole, like you’re trying to win a speedboat on Bullseye. Instead, alternate between dancing around the opening with the very tip; to licking broad, greedy strokes; to drawing zigzag or spiral patterns all over the hypersensitive surrounding skin. Soak a sponge and squeeze it at the top of their crack, so the warm water (or cold, if you want to play with temperature too) flows down the cleft between their buttocks. Ass-tronomically good.


Named in honour of the famous rabbit vibrator, ‘Bunnilingus’ is the act of a woman or vagina-having person using sex toys to simulate oral sex upon themselves. According to a 2017 study conducted by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in Bloomington, women rate having a partner go down on them as one of the top appealing bedroom behaviours – but it’s a hard sensation to accurately replicate alone. That said, toy companies are edging ever closer to getting it licked.

Oral sex positions - Best oral sex positions

Oral sex position, BunnylingusISSY MUIR

One of the earliest winners of online erotic retailer Lovehoney’s annual ‘Design A Sex Toy’ was The Squeel: a rotating wheel of silicone tongues, which has gone on to become one of the best-selling gadgets of its kind in the world. Make sure you do use lashings of lubricant though, otherwise it drags and feels uncomfortably like your flaps are being flicked by a ceiling fan. Try warming your tube of lube under the hot tap before application, to bring it up to a more realistic tongue temperature.

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Womanizer is a German company whose devices all feature their own patented ‘Pleasure Air Technology’: they use pulses of air to create a unique sucking sensation on the clitoris, partly inspired by the sensations of oral. Whilst most of their toys – like the dinky new Starlet – are only designed to be used externally, the Duo model also features a vibrating vaginal G-spot probe; I’ve had success with inserting it, then straddling a pillow so I can hold it in place hands-free…and better imagine it’s Jason Momoa’s mo-mouth making me mo-moan.

Womanizer™ Starlet£99.00SHOP NOW

The adorable Iroha Kushi vibe – which looks like squishy seashell – wasn’t developed to imitate oral sex, but if you smooth warm lube over its marshmallow-soft, ribbed ‘fins’ and brush them back and forth against your folds, it’s a divine oral-adjacent sensation; think of it as an artistic interpretation. Continue the marine theme by downloading Dipsea: an app that lets you listen to erotic audio stories focused on female pleasure, with plenty themed around going downtown. Take a dip…and get wet.

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