These days, 6ix9ine gets the most attention when he’s being remarkably disrespectful to other rappers, their families, and their loved ones.

For the last year, music has not been his core focus as social media has taken up much of his attention span, responding to anything that has to do with Lil Durk, King Von, or other Chicago-based rappers that he has beef with. After a mural was painted for the late King Von in his beloved O Block neighborhood this weekend, Lil Durk visited the street art, which warranted a reply from none other than Tekashi.

After DJ Akademiks – one of 6ix9ine’s close friends in hip-hop media – posted about Durk visiting the mural, 6ix9ine made his way to the comments section to make more disturbing comments about King Von.

“Lil Tim put that man on on a Damn Wall,” wrote the much-hated Brooklyn rapper, referencing the street name of Von’s suspected killer Timothy Leeks. “Smh… he’s been on several T-shirts .. hats… he’s just a Diamond chain now… he reall said ‘if I was to die my ni***** gon slide every day…..’”

Recently, 6ix9ine has been ranting about Jim Jones, who was also named in his infamous court case a few years ago as a member of the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods. He’s also been at odds with Blueface, among others.

Lil Durk was trending last night for other reasons. The rapper threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs baseball game over the weekend but fans weren’t impressed with his underwhelming arm. They’ve been roasting him online ever since

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