7 Reasons Why Office Chairs Aren’t Suitable for Gaming

When it comes to intense gaming sessions, your setup is as equally important as your skills. While most gamers focus on computer performance, peripherals, and the game itself, they often forget comfort. Sure, you might get by with a basic office chair, but it might hold you back somehow.

This is especially true when you compare them against gaming chairs. Today, we’ll take a closer look at why you shouldn’t use an office chair while playing and explore the benefits of investing in a dedicated gaming chair instead.


1. Uncomfortable Headrests

Office Chair with no Headrest

A comfortable headrest is essential for promoting good posture and maintaining focus while playing. Maintaining a healthy posture is important so you’re comfortable, focused, and immersed. If you constantly reach for the back of your head while sitting, you need a headrest.

Unfortunately, most office chairs don’t have a headrest and those which do lack adjustability. This is why people who spend hours sitting on their office chairs often complain about neck and shoulder fatigue after long gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs, on the other hand, have height-adjustable headrests, and some also offer detachable support pillows. Both do an excellent job keeping your head and neck relaxed, even during long gaming sessions. That’s why adjusting your sitting position is one of the ways you can keep a healthy posture.

2. The Generic Seat Design

Gaming Chair with Adjustble Headrest

Gaming chairs usually incorporate a bucket-seat style design. This is similar to the style of seats you’ll see in sports cars. This design comes with several benefits, especially during long gaming sessions.

The best thing about this design is that it conforms to your body’s shape and supports the spine’s natural curve, which helps you support your back while working or gaming. They also have a sturdy base with robust wheels, so you can easily move around your space. On top of that, these chairs do a great job of enveloping your entire upper body.

Compare that to office chairs, which typically aren’t designed with contoured shapes that conform to your body. Instead, they follow a more traditional chair shape that fits most body types. More often than not, office chairs are manufactured with aesthetics in mind instead of comfort.

3. Office Chairs Usually Lack Lumbar Support

Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

Your spine bears most of the upper body’s weight, making it vulnerable to injuries and strains. This is especially concerning if you sit in a poor posture for a prolonged period.

Gaming chairs offer lumbar support that maintains the natural shape of your spine and promotes a healthy posture. Some high-end chairs even feature a lumbar cushion for additional support at the lower back.

Office chairs (excluding the modern Herman Miller types) usually lack this feature as they come with a simple backrest that is only good enough for leaning your back on. They don’t provide your spine with the necessary support for hours of gaming.

4. Limited Adjustability

Fully Adjustable Gaming Chair

During longer gaming sessions, you tend to adjust your posture quite a lot. However, this is a bit harder to do with office chairs, as there is limited adjustability. For example, you can’t recline the seat, and the armrests are not adjustable most of the time, either.

This is why most gaming chairs offer tons of adjustability options. This includes height adjustment for the seat, backrest angle adjustment, lumbar support adjustment, armrest adjustment, and tilt tension control. Most of these features are absent on regular office chairs unless you start getting into high-end options.

5. They Lack Winged Backrests

Gaming Chars with Winged Backrests

Almost all gaming chairs have winged backrests, also known as side support cushions. Their primary purpose is to support the back and shoulders by evenly distributing the upper body weight, so there are no pressure points that can lead to pressure sores.

This backrest style also provides lateral support for the upper body while supporting your shoulders and back. It also reduces strain on your neck because of the better posture. Most office chairs don’t come with winged backrests, except for a few higher-end models. Even then, the design is not as good when you compare them with gaming chairs.

6. Bland and Generic Aesthetics

Aesthetic Gaming Arcade

Gaming and office chairs have different aesthetic styles, mainly due to their intended use and target audience. Gaming chairs often come in the shape of racing car seats with bold colors and designs. Some of them even have RGB lighting, and they usually feature a glossy appearance.

Compared to that, it’s safe to say that office chairs look boring. They usually feature neutral colors such as black, brown, and gray and are made from leather, fabric, or mesh materials. While some higher-end office chairs look good, most cheaper options don’t fit into a gaming setup well.

7. They Are Frustrating for VR Gamers

VR Game on Gaming Chair

If you enjoy playing VR games, you should avoid office chairs entirely. These chairs fail to provide the support and immersive experience necessary for VR gaming.

Here are a few reasons gaming chairs are better for these games, especially for simulation games:

  • Gaming chairs offer a sturdy and well-balanced base that provides stability and prevents accidental falls. This can be crucial for those VR gamers who make sudden movements or lean to one side during VR gaming sessions.
  • Some gaming chairs feature built-in audio systems and haptic feedback technology, which can elevate the game’s immersive experience by syncing the audio and tactile feedback with the virtual world.
  • Gaming chairs are made from durable and high-quality material that can withstand the daily wear and tear of VR simulation sessions.
  • Some gaming chairs have swivels and caster wheels, allowing easy movement and rotation. This can be useful during VR simulation games that require you to rotate or move the chair to interact with the virtual world.

So, whether you want to play new VR titles or are looking to enjoy one of the best VR ports of existing games, you need a gaming chair to help level up your immersion.

The Ergonomic Dilemma With Office Chairs

Office chairs might be convenient and cost-effective, but they’re not always the right choice for gamers. If you spend a lot of time at your desk gaming, then going with gaming chairs is better—they have improved lumbar support, adjustability, and aesthetic value. However, some office chairs, such as those from Herman Miller, are just as good—it just comes down to how much you’re willing to pay, as they can be super-expensive.

You should also ensure you’re staying fit if you spend a lot of time gaming. Keeping yourself hydrated, sleeping well, and not prioritizing video games over your physical well-being is highly recommended. And when you start playing, the healthiest thing you can do is maintain a good posture.


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