7 Smart Weight Training Devices to Build Muscle and Get Stronger at Home

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Chances are that you think weight training is all about getting bigger muscles. However, weight training can have other amazing benefits including increased strength and balance, better cardiovascular health, and stronger bones.

Is it possible to avoid the gym altogether and do weight training from the comfort of your own home? With so much smart fitness equipment available, it is absolutely possible to turn your living room into a smart home gym. Below are a few smart weight training items you need to help you get stronger from home.

Tempo is often considered the ultimate, all-in-one, at-home smart gym. It provides you with all the basics you need to start your weight training journey. To begin working out with Tempo, choose which device and package work best for you.

Tempo Move is better suited for those who have to work out in small living spaces. Why? Well, it includes a small, detachable device called the Core that you connect to your iPhone or TV. Using your mobile device’s camera, it then tracks your reps and corrects your form as you work out.

On the other hand, the Tempo Studio is a much larger device that includes a built-in screen and 3D sensors. The Tempo Studio comes in three packages: Pro, Plus, and Starter. Each package includes a variety of different weight training equipment. Nevertheless, you have the option to purchase additional weight training gear like plates, dumbbells, and barbells.

If you’re looking for an excellent smart fitness product to take your workouts into the future, then Bowflex is a great option for you. This pair of smart adjustable dumbbells are totally straightforward and easy to use. Plus, Bowflex’s SelectTech products include different weight options, including the 552, 560, and 1090 Dumbbells.

In addition, there is also the Bowflex 2080 Barbell and the 840 Kettlebell for different types of exercises. All the Bowflex dumbbells have adjustable weights that you can change with the switch of a dial. To track your reps, keep a record of your sets, and access virtual coaching and classes, you have to download the companion app, JRNY, and connect your dumbbells via Bluetooth.

The Tonal smart home gym is often compared to the Tempo smart home gym. Yet, it offers some different smart options for at-home weight training. The big difference is that this smart home gym product does not offer free weights. Instead, it uses a built-in weight training system that mounts to your wall and uses integrated cables and adjustable arms.

Tonal is a weight training tool that is better suited for those with a lot of space at home. However, even though it is large and pretty expensive, it does offer a lot of smart features. Tonal uses smart sensors to help you with your form, range of motion, and pace. Plus, it automatically adjusts your weights based on your goals and even reduces them if you’re having trouble with a set!

The Peloton Guide is a great workout alternative if you hate going to the gym. This small, unassuming device is all you need to turn your TV into an at-home personal trainer. Additionally, it can be the perfect workout accessory if you want to focus on getting your weight training right. But how?

The Peloton Guide connects to your TV and then uses its built-in camera to create the ultimate at-home weight training experience. It works with any weights that you have available and automatically tracks your reps and progress.

You can even change your view on the TV to Self Mode, where you can compare yourself to your coach. This helps you ensure your form and technique are correct and avoid any injuries. Furthermore, the Peloton Guide tracks which muscle groups you’ve worked on and suggests other classes for a well-rounded workout session.

A kettlebell is a fantastic weight-training tool. But what if this modest piece of equipment could also work as a smart device that tracks your workout and makes you stronger? The good news is that the JaxJox KettlebellConnect can do just that.

JaxJox KettlebellConnect is a smart kettlebell that has a range of excellent weight-training benefits. One of them is that it is a device that is essentially made up of six different weight variations that you can rotate between quickly.

If you want to easily track your workout data while you do your workouts, simply download the JaxJox companion app. The app connects to the smart kettlebell and allows you to view your reps, sets, volume, power, and calories burned.

Unlike the other all-in-one weight training devices on this list, such as the Bowflex dumbbells and the JaxJox Kettlebell, the Dribbleup Smart Weights come as a bundle of different-sized free weights that range from 5 lbs to 20 lbs. So if they’re not a complete weight package, what makes them so smart? The main smart feature of the Dribbleup Smart Weights is the fact that they’re scannable!

Therefore, if you want to pump some iron all you have to do is download the mobile app, scan the weights you’re using, and begin. The app provides you with a selection of workout classes and programs along with real-time feedback.

Similar to the Bowflex smart dumbbells, the Kabata dumbbells are arguably the smartest in the weightlifting world as they feature a ton of clever traits.

One of the unique features is that the dumbbell’s handle literally rumbles and pulsates to give you feedback and encouragement. In addition, some of the other awesome features include customizable LED lighting, 12-in-1 weight options, and workouts that are personalized specifically for you.

Furthermore, with the Kabata app, you have the ability to keep track of your workout metrics and analytics, take part in a leaderboard, and even share your strength workouts with other users.

Get Smart and Level Up Your Weight Training

Weight training is certainly something you should include in your regular workout sessions. Yet does your local gym only offer dusty, old weight training equipment? Perhaps you hate going to the gym for another reason. Whatever that reason may be, smart exercise equipment that you can use comfortably at home is the future.

But what smart equipment is best for you if you want to work on your weight training from home? From smart dumbbells to complete, at-home smart gyms, there are tons of smart fitness devices that can take your weight training to the next level without leaving the house!


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