8 Unique Productivity Apps to Make Your Goals a Reality

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A well-designed app helps you get organized and work toward your goals in a positive, productive way. They are simple to use and encourage you to accomplish more. Here’s a look at some of the most popular and unique productivity apps available now.

1. Next Time I’m Up

Ever walk into another room and think: why did I come in here? This reminder app uses motion-sensing technology to alert you about tasks on your to-do list.

On the home screen, add reminders from the preset list by tapping the plus button. From there, select from a list of 36 pre-selected options, including reminders to take medication, do laundry, or create a shopping list. There’s also an option to create a custom reminder, which lets you choose a color and icon.

The next time your phone senses you’re up and about, the app will send notifications about the selected tasks. It’s a handy way to keep all your random activities for the day in one space.

Download: Next Time I’m Up for iOS ($1) | Android ($1)

2. Structured – Daily Planner

With an average 4.8 score out of 11.3K ratings on the App Store, the Structured app is a beloved planner for many people. One space displays everything you need, so you know what to expect from the day.

Choose from over 500 icons to personalize your daily tasks, then arrange them on a schedule throughout the day that works for you. Include recurring and one-time tasks in the calendar section, and jot down any additional tasks in your inbox.

You can also enable time-sensitive notifications for any task to stay on top of meetings and appointments. Whether you’re structuring a workday, school day, or other busy schedules, the Structured app keeps everything in place and easy to monitor.

Download: Structured – Daily Planner for iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Bento: The Do Less To-Do List

The Bento app limits you to three tasks each day, to help with prioritization and prevent overwhelm. There’s also a focus mode to aid your workflow.

When you first set up the app, assign a task to each of your three Bento box spaces. The tasks get arranged in a simple way: small, medium, and large. Give each task an approximate time limit as well. Whenever you’re ready to go, hit the start button and focus on your three most important activities for the day.

In addition, you can schedule workflows each day depending on your energy levels. The Eat That Frog technique has you tackle the largest task first, while opting for a Slow Burn starts you off with the smallest activity. It’s a clever way to adapt your schedule depending on how much (or how little) you feel like dealing with different tasks each day.

Download: Bento: The Do Less To-Do List for iOS ($5.99) | Android ($6.99)

4. Planner & Journal – Zinnia

Habit trackers, to-do lists, and weekly logs are all part of this app, which makes planning fun with washi tape, stickers, and many more decorative elements. The ability to personalize everything from font choice to design elements sets the Zinnia app apart from similar planners.

To learn about the app, review the Studio section to get the hang of its design elements and make the most of its features. Once you get started, it’s easy to work from the app’s preset templates or design your own. Preset templates include pages to help track mortgage payments, manage your household budget, prepare to host an event, or even monitor your sleep habits.

When working on a blank journal or template, you can add photos, text, frames, and drawings to your page as well. If you’re already a fan of bullet journal apps, then you’ll appreciate the collection of adorable bullet icons. Use the planners directly from the app, or print out your pages for a physical planner. You can also save projects as a PDF.

If you want one space to manage your to-do lists, financial habits, and health and fitness goals, then the Zinnia app offers a fun, creative way to do just that.

Download: Planner & Journal – Zinnia for iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. DayStamp – Habit Tracker

Color-coded organization and activity statistics make this habit tracker app visually appealing and simple to use. If you’re trying to adopt some new healthy habits or create a productive morning routine, this app can help you stick with it.

If you aren’t sure what to add, visit the Ideas screen. It offers some sample habits you can add, whether that’s taking vitamins or reading more often.

Weekly reports and a monthly review section let you keep track of your progress over time. The free version of the app does include pop-up advertisements, but a premium subscription removes them.

Download: DayStamp – Habit Tracker for iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Habit Tracker – Proddy

Start out with simple habits and build up from there with the Proddy app. By encouraging you to start off with basic, achievable habits, the app helps you build on more challenging tasks over time.

To add a habit, give it a name, then assign it to a specific life area (such as productivity or health). You can also include a motivational reason to keep up the habit. An insights screen lets you keep track of your habits over time.

Meanwhile, a lessons screen provides audio content about habit formation. There’s also a reflection section for mood tracking and general reflections on your day. For a simple, straightforward habit-tracking app, Proddy is a solid choice.

Download: Habit Tracker – Proddy for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. Rabit: Habit Tracker & Planner

Maintain habit streaks to grow cute plants with the visually striking Rabit app. To start, select an area of focus, whether that’s self-discipline, physical health, mental health, house chores, productivity, or better sleep. Next, choose a simple habit related to this focus, such as checking your posture.

Set a time and day to receive reminders from the app, as well as which plant you want to start nurturing. View your progress over time with the Habit Streak Map, and watch your plants grow on the Habits screen. Failing to complete a habit will cause your plant to die. Completing tasks gives you coins to spend on plant upgrades.

The app is free to try, and a premium upgrade gives you access to a to-do list, as well as the ability to create unlimited habits. Overall, if you’re a fan of virtual pets (or plants), this app makes reaching your productivity goals fun.

Download: Rabit: Habit Tracker & Planner for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

8. Tusk: task and habit manager

Create flexible schedules with this simple and customizable app. If you want a habit-tracking app that allows for skipping some tasks here and there, then the Tusk app is a solid choice.

On the home screen, swipe right on tasks you completed for the day. Didn’t get to everything? Swipe left on any tasks you skipped, which removes them from the main screen for the rest of the day. Click the crossed-out eye icon to view any hidden tasks.

To create a new task, select whether it’s one-time or recurring, then schedule it and opt to receive reminders. You can also opt to break the activity down into subtasks, as well as set a timer and duration for completion.

In addition to creating your own, you can also select from ready-made tasks for household chores, financial management, education, and even social needs. A statistics screen lets you review your progress over time. It’s a helpful way to see which habits are sticking.

The basic app is free to access, and you can upgrade to sync with Google Calendar, unlock additional organizational features, and remove advertisements.

Download: Tusk: task and habit manager for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Meet Your Goals and Daily Tasks With Productivity Apps

Whether you’re working toward major goals or simply need a space to store your to-do list, there’s a helpful productivity app for everybody. Care for cute plants, personalize your agendas, or keep it simple with one of these motivating apps.


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