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84-Year-Old Life-Sentence Convict Sends Emotional Message to Family

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  • An 84-year-old convict at the Naivasha Maximum Prison has sent an emotional message to his family back home.

    Peter Njoroge Muchora, who was convicted of rape charges on March 11, 2007, fears that he doesn’t have much time to live and wants to subdivide his property among his four children and wife.

    Muchora disclosed that he doesn’t want to leave his family in disarray in case he dies before he gets a chance to subdivide his property.

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    The entrance of the G.K. Prisons Naivasha
    The entrance of the G.K. Prisons Naivasha

    “I call my children and they sometimes refuse to pick up my calls. They feel like I’m a burden to them. Like I might end up asking for money,” Muchora told Inooro TV.

    Recounting events of the fateful day that led him to a life of confinement, Muchora disclosed that he was drunk and instead of retiring to his bedroom to rest, he went into the children’s room.

    At the time, he and his girlfriend, whom they worked with at a local butchery, lived together in a small house alongside the children.

    When his girlfriend walked into the house and saw Muchora in the children’s room, she raised an alarm and said that he had raped one of the girls.

    “She reported me to the authorities and I was arrested. Already, she had alleged that I had raped one of the children and so when I appeared before the court, I confessed to the charges. I had never been in court and so I didn’t know what goes on,” Muchora continued.

    The 84-year-old regretted the events on the unfortunate day and condemned the heinous act of defilement of minors. In addition, he implored on men not to involve themselves in behaviour. 

    “I would not want to see anyone from my family commit such an offense or any other that would see them serve time,” he added.

    He is optimistic that one day, he will be released and will be reunited with his family.

    File image of a court gavel
    File image of a court gavel
    defilement child dies arrest drunk rape
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