The CapeXit organisation – which is leading the charge for Cape Independence in the near future – has announced a formal partnership with the FF Plus, marking a major milestone in their bid for secession.

CapeXit teams up with FF Plus

As the name suggests, those advocating for Cape Independence want to see the Western Cape become its own country, separate from the rest of South Africa. Leaders of both CapeXit and CIAG are adamant that ‘political differences’ between the province and the rest of the nation show that there are compelling grounds for divorce.

However, critics are fiercely opposed to such a fractious move, comparing an independent Western Cape to the whites-only enclave of Orania. There are passionate cases to be made on both sides, but CapeXit – which reportedly has over 800 000 members signed up to the cause – may have just pulled off a political coup.

Who supports Cape Independence?

They have formally ‘joined hands’ with the FF Plus, and the party will campaign alongside the Cape Independence movement in order to secure ‘self-determination. for the south-west.

Corne Mulder, the FF Plus Western Cape leader, has waxed lyrical about the prospect of a breakaway state. Given that the province is the only one in Mzansi that doesn’t vote in an ANC majority each election, Mulder believes that there is now a unique opportunity for CapeXit to become a credible alternative for those in the DA-run region.

“The FF Plus believes that a referendum in the near future is inevitable and necessary to determine the people of the province’s preferences in this regard. It is attainable. The greater the number of people demanding it, the greater the chances of it becoming a reality.”

“The Western Cape does not need to be subjected to the incompetence, corruption, decay and decline affecting the rest of the country under ANC rule. In the straitjacket of the current unitary state, the will of the majority is merely being imposed on minorities. It is not a true democracy, but a tyranny of the majority.”

“The aim of the weekend’s campaign was to demonstrate that the FF Plus is not only paying lip service when it comes to pursuing self-determination. The party will walk this road alongside CapeXit to achieve freedom for the Western Cape.”

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