When a good Samaritan took notice of a boy’s overt fondness for a particular guitar in a Colorado music store, she decided to buy the instrument for him as an anonymous gift.

J.B. Hart Music Co.

Fallon often came in to J.B. Hart Music Co. in Grand Junction, Colorado, with a request to play “the Pantera guitar” referring to a model made iconic by the guitarist for the heavy metal band Pantera.

“Fallon is impacted by Williams Syndrome and has an excellent knowledge and a love for music,” the music store wrote in a Facebook post. “His dream was to own this guitar.”

“Eight months ago, when he was in the store playing it, another customer took notice of Fallon. It moved this customer so much that he returned to the store later, and asked us to give the guitar to Fallon anonymously the next time we saw him.”

She purchased the $800 Dean “Dimebag” Darrell ML Guitar, and they waited for the boy to return, but Fallon didn’t come into the shop for eight months.

His family had moved to Texas, but when they were back in Colorado they popped into the store, and were shocked by the surprise that awaited them..

“His mom burst into tears, and Fallon beamed with excitement. It was a special moment,” they wrote. “There are still good people in this world.”

That special moment drew the attention of the remaining members of Pantera themselves, seeing as it was the guitar made famous by the dearly departed “Dimebag” Darrel, whose music Fallon was so admired.

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Not only that, according to the music store, band manager Kim Davis contacted the family with news that Pantera’s Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown would be sending him a rocking care package.

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