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    Applying for loan from IMF Iran’s right: CBI


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    Applying for loan from IMF Iran's right: CBI

    “It is our right to apply for a loan from the International Monetary Fund and receiving the loan relies on no conditions,” Abdolnaser Hemmati said.

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    He lamented that “The International Monetary Fund is obliged to respond to our requests, but we have not received any response so far.”

    The CBI chief hoped that by taking follow-up measures Iran would get its intended results.

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    As Hemmati said in his earlier remarks, the IMF has already given more than $100 billion in loans to 85 countries, adding that the Fund has loaned nearly $16 billion to countries in the West Asia and North Africa (MENA) plus Afghanistan and Pakistan (MENAP) region, but Iran, which was one of the first countries to demand emergency funds, has not received any facilities so far without providing any logical reason.

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    He described this as a clear contradiction to the spirit and goals of an international organization and said that Iran expects the IMF to respond to its legal request as quickly as possible without discrimination and influence imposed by political lobbyists or pressure from the US.

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