Redmond, the son of Grammy-Award-winning musician and actor Ray Parker Jr., didn’t find himself in any over-the-top situations, but as he told E! News, he is still scarred from one particularly memorable work day on the ranch. 

“My worst job was Austin’s worst job,” he explained. “I say that because what I was forced to watch, what I endured, what I had to experience, gave me nightmares. I haven’t been able to unsee it since.”

He’s probably not exaggerating, either, as the Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules cast had to do everything from sheep shearing to artificial insemination for the animals.

As Austin recalled, “I can’t explain too much of what it entails but if you’re a big fan of cows, I would just tune in because it might change your view on them.”

“I love ranch work and I love being around horses and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, but there are a lot of jobs on that ranch that the ranchers make us do that even myself was kinda iffy on,” he added. “Very dirty work. They weren’t kidding when they said we signed up for something we’re not used to.”

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