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  • TechYOURS

    How To Fix the DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Error

    Are you having issues with your controller connecting? You’re ready to game, but without using your controller, it’s game over. You’re not the only gamer to have this problem. DS4Windows was initially developed by InhexSTER, then taken over by Elctrobrains. Later, it was recreated by Jays2Kings. Now, it is maintained by Ryochan7. You may have an older version with files no longer…

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  • GamesHow to Switch Characters in the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6

    How to Switch Characters in the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6

    I’m guessing you can’t play anything but Luke and want to switch characters for ranked mode. I’ve been there. The game doesn’t clearly show you where to select your character or control style, which can be frustrating. Don’t worry. We have the answer. Check below how to switch characters in the Battle Hub in Street Fighter 6. How to Switch…

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  • Financial20230527 133353

    5 Best High-paying Modelling Agencies In Nigeria (Apply Now)

    Nigeria’s large and vibrant fashion industry has paved the way for aspiring models to shine on both national and international runways. At one point in time, you must have seen fashion models, on runways showcasing their brands and services, maybe on TV or the Internet. From the busy city of Lagos to the enchanting landscapes of Ibadan and beyond, modelling…

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  • TechHow to Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

    How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

    Did you accidentally delete an important email from your Outlook account? Maybe you were clearing out your inbox of unwanted messages and silly spam, but accidentally removed something you wanted to keep. Or perhaps you hit the “Delete” button while trying to click somewhere else. Either way, it can be scary to see an email suddenly disappear, especially if it…

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  • TechCant Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy Try These Fixes 1 scaled

    Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy—Try These Fixes

    Seeing the “Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy” message when attempting to take a picture of your screen can be frustrating. You may have found some valuable information online and want to share it with someone as it’s presented on your screen. A screenshot may be the perfect way to do just that. Unfortunately, today’s focus on security and…

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  • TechMinecraft Launcher Is Currently Not Available

    How To Fix Error Minecraft Launcher Is Currently Not Available

    You’ve installed a new Minecraft mod to help you slice through your enemies like a knife through butter. You can’t wait to start a new session, but there’s a problem. The game says your Minecraft Launcher is currently not available. How do you go about solving this issue? You’ll find out right here. We’ll show you how to fix a…

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  • Techvscode

    How to Open launch.json in VS Code

    Effective debugging and code quality are inseparable concepts in software development. Visual Studio (VS) Code’s debugging functionality is controlled mainly by the launch.json file. This file lets developers configure and manage their debugging settings according to their vision. This article will guide you through opening and managing the launch.json file for optimal debugging. Opening launch.json in Visual Studio Code To…

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  • TechBest Remote Desktop Software

    The Best Remote Desktop Software

    Are you on the hunt for a tech solution that will help you to remotely connect to other computers hassle-free? Remote desktop software offers the perfect solution. It allows you to quickly access, operate, and manage other PCs seamlessly by use of local area networks or the internet. Many businesses have embraced the use of remote desktop software post the…

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  • News50 Cents Acquires 1.5 Million Jet Car

    50 Cent’s Acquires $1.5 Million “Jet Car”

    50 Cent is one of hip-hop’s biggest automobile enthusiasts, giving a slew of magnificent and powerful vehicles to DJ Envy’s upcoming car show, which will compete fiercely with Rick Ross’ own event. However, his most recent purported acquisition may surpass them all. Furthermore, SuperCarBlondie revealed that Fif paid a whopping $1.5 million for the White Lightning Jet Car, and the…

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  • NewsJay Z Believes People Undervalue Ludacris Lyrical Skills

    Jay-Z Believes People Undervalue Ludacris’ Lyrical Skills

    Many people feel that occasional collaborators Jay-Z and Ludacris work in different lyrical lanes, although the former believes that is incorrect. Furthermore, the Illinois-born and Atlanta-bred rap icon recently appeared on Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes’ All The Smoke podcasts. Eventually, they got to the issue of Luda’s outrageous and legendary music videos, a definite sliver of his illustrious, influential,…

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  • GamesHow to Get Honey in Minecraft

    How to Get Honey in Minecraft

    Breeding bees in Minecraft can be an adorable and very rewarding experience. Though, reaping these rewards is not so easy. Honey is a very useful food item that isn’t easy to get without getting stung by your bees. In this article we will teach you how to collect honey in a safe way and use it. How to Find Bees…

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  • GamesHow to Get Every Color Dye in Minecraft

    How to Make Every Color Dye in Minecraft

    Color dyes are an amazing way to customize certain things in Minecraft and give your builds and world a splash of color. There are many different dyes in Minecraft and each of them has to be found and created in a certain way. Some of them can feel a bit tricky, which is why we’re here to help you. In…

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  • TechBackground 30

    How to Find Starred Messages in WhatsApp

    WhatsApp allows you to reply to messages specifically or mention someone in groups. Starring is also possible, making navigating through messages a breeze. However, one of the challenges that some users face is finding starred messages. This article explains how to find starred messages in WhatsApp. How to Find Starred Messages on Different Operating Systems Messages containing important information like…

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  • NewsCeline Dion Postpones Her World Tour On Health Issues

    Céline Dion Postpones Her World Tour On Health Issues

    Céline Dion has canceled the remaining dates of her Courage World Tour, months after revealing her stiff-person syndrome diagnosis: “I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you once again.” Céline Dion isn’t ready to return to the stage just yet. As a result, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer, who was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder in 2022,…

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  • NewsBeyounce Lizzo And Others Pay Tribute

    Beyounce, Lizzo And Others Pay Tribute To Tina Turner The Queen Of ‘Rock And Roll’

    Lizzo is honoring the late Tina Turner for her legendary contribution to music. While performing on tour at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Lizzo gave an emotional tribute and then channeled the superstar, covering one of her most famous songs. “There wouldn’t be no rock ‘n’ roll without Tina Turner!” the “2 Be Loved” singer, 35, repeatedly chanted to…

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  • Gameshorse cover 1

    How to Tame Horses in Tears of the Kingdom

    The world in Tears of the Kingdom is vast, and getting from A to B can take quite a lot of time if you don’t have many fast travel locations unlocked. Luckily, it’s possible to find some great horses in the game to help make your travels easier. There’s a big variety of horses, each with their own stats and…

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  • Tech1685103184 How to Use ChatGPT DAN

    How to Use ChatGPT DAN

    Are your Chatbot answers getting boring? DAN can help with that. It allows ChatGPT to forget all restrictions and policies and go beyond its limits to respond to its users. Now it can respond to harmful, sexually explicit, and sensitive questions. This article will explain how to use ChatGPT DAN. How to Use ChatGPT DAN The following instructions will direct…

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  • NewsQueen Latifah Swaps Tuxedo Look For Old Hollywood Gown At Amfar Gala

    Queen Latifah Swaps Tuxedo Look For Old Hollywood Gown At Amfar Gala

    At this year’s amfAR Gala, Queen Latifah switched from one spectacular gown to the next. As the host of the much-anticipated event, which raises cash for AIDS research, the Academy Award-nominated actress arrived in a show-stopping gown. Latifah commanded the carpet in a grand take on the all-white tuxedo. The main event of her ensemble was a structured long jacket…

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  • NewsKeanu Reeves On New Collaboration With Ex Sofia Coppola

    Keanu Reeves On New Collaboration With Ex-Sofia Coppola

    Sofia Coppola directs Keanu Reeves in a new tribute short film commemorating The House of Suntory’s 100th anniversary. For the 100th anniversary of Japanese whisky-maker The House of Suntory, the brand commissioned a collaboration between director Coppola, 52, and Reeves, 58. To help launch their Suntory Time tribute film, the stars posed on the red carpet together at an event…

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  • NewsGeorge Floyds Sister Says She Forgives Officer

    “He Has Never Apologized,” George Floyd’s Sister Says She Forgives Officer

    Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis three years ago, on May 25, 2020. On the third anniversary of George Floyd’s death, his sister chose to forgive the man who murdered him, despite the fact that she claims Derek Chauvin has exhibited no remorse. “I’m not saying that it’s okay what he did — it’s not,” LaTonya Floyd tells PEOPLE.…

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