Benny The Butcher Expresses Disappointment Over His Collaboration With Drake

Benny The Butcher Expresses Disappointment Over His Collaboration With Drake

Benny The Butcher says he was “pissed” that he couldn’t get good utilization out of his collaboration with Drake, but he understands Drake’s “hectic” schedule. During a recent Conversation Lovers Only interview with Joe Budden, he mentioned collaborating with Drake.

“I was pissed, I’m not gonna lie. It’s the fucking Drake record. It’s for surely my biggest record. Real shit. And it’s a record just sitting in my pocket but like I said, I understand the mechanics of the business.” When asked why he struggled to put the song out, Benny says that he wasn’t given an exact reason, but isn’t pressed over it. “This the biggest artist in the world so I understand his release schedule might be hectic,” he continued. “And he’s the name, but he represents a lot of people that he work with. And his moves affect a lot of people.”

Benny The Butcher

Despite the big names, many fans on social media didn’t seem confident in the collaboration. Commenting on a clip of the interview from The Hip-Hop Wolf, one fan wrote: “Unless it was a female or club record, there was no way this would’ve sounded good. Not trying to hear another song of Drake trying to sound street.” Another posted: “Drake prolly got bodied on it. He ain’t make a record with a serious spitta in a long time.”

Working with Drake isn’t the only high-profile collaboration Benny spoke about in the interview. He also discussed his J. Cole feature on “Johnny P’s Caddy,” off Tana Talk 4. The conversation comes ahead of the release of his next album, Everybody Can’t Go, which will be his debut for Def Jam. The album, which is produced by Hit-Boy, will arrive on Friday, August 11.


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