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Best Sexy looks on this Valentine Day for him 2023

Best Sex Fantasy Suggestions to Spice things up in the bedroom 2023. Valentine’s Day is about numerous things that we might ignore in the process of living a presumably happy life. From feeling your emotions to the fullest to take out time for your loved ones, but most importantly to show them how significant they are in your life. However, the process of showing care and affection also takes up a lot of effort. Hence, we are here to help you out with the very first step, i.e. to dress up.

Although, since most of the time the focus is on women and how they need to look sexy enough for their partners, this time, we wanted to lessen the pressure men out there feel to compete with their utterly gorgeous and amazingly capable partners! Also, if you are a girl trying to find the right outfit for your man for your Valentine’s Day Date, this blog will definitely help you out as well! So get ready to have a list of 20 sexy looks on this Valentine’s Day for all the men who truly deserve to look good!

Since your situation can vary depending upon how you are planning your big date, we have divided the outfits into four categories, and each of them consists of five different looks so that you can choose whichever goes best with your personality. These four categories are Formal Date, Casual Date, Home Date, or Semi-Formal Party Date!

Best Sexy looks on this Valentine Day for him 2023

Now without further ado, let’s jump straight into these categories to be certain about your look before you start your date!

Formal Date
  1. Suit:

You might have guessed this very first look on our list. Well, no matter how old it may sound, a proper suit that is tailored correctly and fits you well will always win hearts.

image 5 large

However, for a formal look, you need to pair it up with a plain shirt and maybe a printed tie and keep in mind the color contrast. Furthermore, having that little square in your front pocket peeking out just as much as needed would be the final touch!

  1. Tux:

Similar to the above one but slightly different I style, wearing a tuxedo will also increase the formal look. Plus, if this is one of your first Valentine’s Day with your loved one, going in a formal dressing will be completely appropriate.

image 6 large

However, it really depends on your partner’s choice so make sure that you don’t upset them.

  1. Buttoned up Shirt:

If you are not a big fan of suits, maybe a buttoned-up shirt will fit you well. Pair it up with a dress pant and a wristwatch to look completely formal while in style.

image 7 large

If you are going for this look, I would personally recommend you to wear a white shirt with a maroon pant (because it’s Valentine, but again, make sure your partner is okay with the concept first)

  1. Shirt and Tie:

For those of you who are tie lovers or whose loved ones adore a tie on their neck (for several reasons) maybe instead of going with just a shirt, you can have the tie on. Maybe, let your girl decide which tie suits you better because she definitely knows this better than you!

Valentine Special
  1. Full Black:

Well, this one goes without saying. Especially, if it is still cold in your region in mid-February, go with the ultimate black leather jacket look.

image 8 large

Even if not that, dressing up in black from head to toe makes any man look way sexier than he already is.

Casual Date:
  1. Denim Jeans:

The very first rule of dressing casually is to have denim jeans. Even a denim jacket would work, but having denim in your outfit is kind of necessary to pass the bar of looking good while feeling comfortable, so keep this in mind.

  1. Self-Printed T-shirt:

While this came out a while ago, it is still in style. If you are sure about dressing casually, maybe a self-printed t-shirt is all you need! However, it really depends on the type, you should clearly not wear a t-shirt which has a quote printed on it as that would be too informal but a collared t-shirt with a design printed all over it, probably a minimalistic design would be just perfect!

  1. Plaid Shirt:

This is one of our personal favorites. Nothing creates a charm the way a plaid shirt does. Just make sure that the jeans you are wearing underneath have the right color in contrast to the shirt.

  1. Trendy:

This one seems a bit easy but is not. To wear something that is trendy is probably the most difficult task. What you need to do is to find something which is in trend, that your partner might have complimented when she saw it for the first time, then you need to modify it according to your own personality and physique so always keep this in mind!

  1. Blazer:

The last one on the list is the evergreen blazer look. Well, you need to decide the color yourself but do remember to pair it up with loafers to look cool!

Home Date:
  1. All-time Favorite PJs:

Warning: do not try if you are 200% sure! This option is only for those people who have spent a good chunk of their lives with their partners or who know their partners so well that they are sure of the comfort level. Only wear PJs for a home date if your partner feels the same way!

  1. Shorts:

While this is better than PJs and can be experimented by a number of you, maybe give a hint about it to your partner first? Plus if it’s a movie date at home where you are completely going to chill and take a break from your busy lives, shorts is actually a great idea.

  1. Cosplay:

This one is for people who would like to do something different. Dress up like the actor or any famous personality that your partner adores at home just for them and see the wonders yourself!

  1. Formal:

Yes, you read it correctly. If you are planning to have a home date but your partner is a bit bummed about it, dress up formally, create a romantic atmosphere and surprise her by giving a proper date vibe!

  1. Sporty:

For people who do not want to look boring or maybe too normal, be sporty and show her how much you love that particular sport this valentine!

Semi-formal/Party Date:
  1. Suit but with t-shirt:

For semi-formal or party wear, a suit jacket over a casual t-shirt gives the perfect look. In fact, for some people, it feels much sexier than a proper traditional suit!

  1. Pea Coat:

If you have an outdoor party wear you will probably not take off your coat or even if you do, wearing a pea coat on your date will steal the heart of your partner one more time! Plus, if the Pea Coat is Navy blue, there is nothing else that she can probably ask for!

  1. Mature look (Grey suit):

For those of you who would want to have a bit mature look and look different as well, go for a grey suit or even a grey textured shirt in order to look mature enough this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Sweatshirt:

Simple jeans along with a sweatshirt or even a sweater, with sneakers on just gives the perfect look that will not only look cool on you bit will also keep you and your partner warm!

  1. Striped T-shirt:

Last one on our list for semi-formal as well as the overall 20 looks that we hope would have helped you in the striped t-shirt. Preferably red horizontal stripes on a white t-shirt would look perfect for Valentine’s Day but you can go with her favorite color as well as this is a special day for both of you!


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