Boosie Slams Cousin For Robbing Him Of $10,000

When it comes to trashing someone on social media, Boosie never holds back. Two persons connected to the Baton Rouge rapper recently took $10,000 from him, according to the artist. According to Boosie, the anonymous relatives stole money from an upcoming musician in exchange for a Boosie verse, but never returned it to Boosie.

Boosie took to Instagram to unload on the alleged culprits. “N-gga y’all act like y’all would get a verse from me, took 10,000 from a n-gga. Come on man! You took 10,000 from a n-gga, a n-gga come back a year later and gon’ ask me, ‘Where my verse at?’ N-gga you started all this shit, you and Lil Mel. Come on man! Only thing is I ain’t catch you yet.

The “Zoom” rapper didn’t end there. He claims one of the men confessed to taking to the funds. “You thought you had a free 10 grand, cuh. Let’s keep it real, n-gga. You know you not like that. Lil Mel confessed! Lil Mel said, ‘I did that. I can’t take that back.’”

This isn’t the first time Boosie accused a relative of taking money from him.  Back in September, he revealed that his brother Taquari misappropriated $469k from him right following his release from prison in 2014. Boosie also says his brother stole royalties and rights to Yung Bleu’s music when the Alabama rapper was signed to  Boosie’s label, Bad Azz Music Syndicate.

“Man when that money was missing, I broke odd own bro,” the 39-year-old told B High TV. “That was the money I had just came home and got a check with. Everything was gone. Sh*t broke me down. Then when they arrested him it f****d me up even more. Just think $469K after you come home from a murder charge. That b***h gone. I still ain’t get it back.”


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