Brazil, 12 other countries banned from entering Italy

Italy has announced travellers from thirteen countries that would be stopped from entering the country over the coronavirus pandemic.

The Health Minister Roberto Speranza in a statement said the thirteen countries are viewed as high risk COVID-19 countries.
The countries listed are Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama and Peru.

The inclusion of Brazil on the list is expected as the country has suffered the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities alongside the United States.

The ban also affects anyone who has stayed in or travelled through these countries in the last 14 days.
The statement read in part: “The health ministry in agreement with the foreign, interior and transport ministries signed the decree banning visitors from entering the country as Italy recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed almost 35,000 people in Italy.
“Throughout the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has entered a more acute phase.
“We cannot abandon the sacrifices made by Italians in recent months.”

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