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    Concerns Raised Over Meat Safety from 6 Counties 


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  • A study conducted in six different counties in Kenya revealed that different variety of meat sold to consumers in supermarkets are highly contaminated.

    The report from the study released on April 6 by World Animal Protection indicated that both poultry meat and pork products were contaminated with bacteria.

    Dr. Victor Yamo of the World Animal Protection said that both products that were studied had over 96 percent of the bacteria. He further added that the samples of the study were collected from six different branches of supermarkets the six counties.

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    The supermarkets are located in Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Laikipia, Uasin Gishu and Nyeri counties.  

    The Kenya Meat Commission plantation in Athi River, Machakos County

    According to Yumo, the aim of the study was to establish health state of pork and chicken in the targeted areas.

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    The finding of the study conducted between April and July 2020 has now raised concern amongst consumers who have increasingly become dependent on supermarket food products.

    Some of the bacteria that the study revealed are Salmonella and Shigella which the researchers said may have originated from the farms.

    The researchers noted with concern the trends saying that the farmers are the source of the contamination as they often give the animals antibiotics.

    “Studies have shown that poor animal welfare and stress factors have the potential of increasing the susceptibility of farm animals to diseases hence increasing the use of antimicrobials to control these infections while reducing the microbiological safety of animal products and threatening public health.”  Yamo explained.

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    The report further revealed that over 38 percent of the samples tested were resistant to antibiotics even the ones recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    According to the study, the continued use of antibiotics generally affects chickens, pigs and cows whose consumption in many household is often high although not continuously.

    “World Animal Protection believes that responsible use of antibiotics in farm animals is essential in tackling the growing Antimicrobial Resistance. This should be done by putting proper policies and measures aimed at reducing the use of antibiotics on animals by promoting higher welfare production systems in the livestock industry,” the report read in parts.

    World Animal Protection is asking the supermarkets owners to ensure that they have strong food procurement polices with intent of cutting down the supply of contaminated meat.

    Consumers on the other hand have been urged to ensure that they utilize their powers in ensuring that meat retailers adhere to the government policies on consumable products.

    Beef displayed in a butchery
    Beef displayed in a butchery
    Soko directory
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