Conor Mcgregor Shows Off His Massive Bulked-Up Physique

Conor McGregor is one of the most well-known UFC fighters. Unfortunately, the last time we saw him in an Octagon, Dustin Poirier was breaking his ankle. This has resulted in a tremendous rehab effort, with McGregor still attempting to get his leg in working order.

This rehabilitation process has gone quite well for McGregor. In fact, he has packed on the pounds, in the form of pure muscle. Of course, this might lead to questions about his methods of muscle gain, however, we’ll leave that to the professionals.

In the tweet down below, you can see an example of what McGregor looks like now. As you can tell, he has put on a ton of muscle everywhere. His quads are much bigger than before, and he has a fully formed back taper. Additionally, his biceps and even his chest are substantially bigger than before.

With McGregor showing off his new physique, it would not be a stretch to assume that he would be back in the Octagon soon. Interestingly enough, McGregor agrees with that thinking. In fact, he even took to Twitter where he revealed a timeline for his return.

“I am clear for testing in February,” McGregor said. “I will complete my two tests per USADA and we are booking a fight.” Dana White will be looking to give McGregor a huge comeback fight, and we’re sure fans will be ready to watch it.

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