A romantic couple have become a TikTok sensation after their sunset engagement was unknowingly caught on camera by a passing photographer.

31-year-old Dan Rutterford popped the big question to partner Kay Lewis in what he thought was a totally secluded spot on the Cornish coastline.

But photographer Lui Gazzard happened to be passing by when he spotted Dan go down on one knee in the distance.

He quickly took some stunning snaps of the couple standing on a headland at Tintagel, Cornwall, with a gorgeous pink and purple sunset behind them.

Lui then approached stunned Dan and Kay to say he’d captured the engagement—a moment that was recorded on a TikTok video—and has since garnered more than a million views and 191,000 likes.

Holidaymakers Dan and Kay, from Romford in Essex, were staying in Tintagel with Kay’s three kids when they headed out for their weekly date night on Monday evening.

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The couple, who met four years ago, set up a picnic in a secluded spot on a headland looking out to the Atlantic Ocean before Dan mustered up the courage to propose.

Afterwards, the couple celebrated with Kay’s three children and shared a bottle of prosecco.

Lui was on holiday with his family in nearby Boscastle when he captured the pictures on an evening walk.

He said, “It was one of those moments where everything came together. The guy was already down on one knee, then he got up and they were hugging.

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“It was nice that it was just the two of them on that headland. Normally there are people around watching the sunset.”

Lui waited half an hour before telling the couple he’d caught their engagement on camera.

“They were really thankful that someone was there to capture the moment.”

(WATCH the extremely sweet Tiktok video below.)

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